I have nothing to boast about and yet there is so much pride within me. Wretched, cursed, pride of life. As I battle the flesh, I must remember that there is no fight if I do not try. I will not concede to let the devil have a foothold – my joy will be in holding fast to what I know is True.


I’m so witty


So I was looking at  my dad’s old photos that day…


Then I said to my dad :



HAHAHAHA GET IT?  Okay if you are not laughing by now then you can move on.


{My dad is the second one from the left, in the front row :)}



“We know then the existence and nature of the finite, because we also are finite and have extension. We know the existence of the infinite, and are ignorant of its nature, because it has extension like us, but not limits like us. But we know neither the existence nor the nature of God, because He has neither extension nor limits.

But by faith we know His existence; in glory we shall know His nature. Now, I have already shown that we may well know the existence of a thing, without knowing its nature.

Who then will blame Christians for not being able to give a reason for their belief, since they profess a religion for which they cannot give a reason? They declare, in expounding it to the world, that it is a foolishness, stultitiam; and then you complain that they do not prove it! If they proved it, they would not keep their word; it is in lacking proofs, that they are not lacking in sense. “Yes, but although this excuses those who offer it as such, and takes away from them the blame of putting it forward without reason, it does not excuse those who receive it.” Let us then examine this point, and say, “God is, or He is not.” But to which side shall we incline? Reason can decide nothing here. There is an infinite chaos which separated us.

But there is here an infinity of an infinitely happy life to gain, a chance of gain against a finite number of chances of loss, and what you stake is finite.

Now, what harm will befall you in taking this side? You will be faithful, honest, humble, grateful, generous, a sincere friend, truthful. Certainly you will not have those poisonous pleasures, glory and luxury; but will you not have others? I will tell you that you will thereby gain in this life, and that, at each step you take on this road, you will see so great certainty of gain, so much nothingness in what you risk, that you will at last recognise that you have wagered for something certain and infinite, for which you have given nothing.

If this discourse pleases you and seems impressive, know that it is made by a man who has knelt, both before and after it, in prayer to that Being, infinite and without parts, before whom he lays all he has, for you also to lay before Him all you have for your own good and for His glory, that so strength may be given to lowliness.”

Blaise Pascal’s Pensees #233



The necessary evil for long term survival. Clench our fists, grit our teeth, harden our hearts and trudge on.

A video a day


So I lied. About trying to blog. About updating with BKK photos. BECAUSE I’M NOT EVEN TRYING. Because I up to my eyelids with 3000 word essays due in the next 10 days and I am GGXX already. But I think I should still leave some trace of activity here.. before I get swallowed up entirely.

So for those of you who are feeling a little down, here’s a video for you (AZNPWR):

For those of you who are fellow 2pm/nichkhun SPAZZERS LIKE ME, here’s the 2pm comeback video for you:

For those of you who are feeling emo and want to appreciate your parents, here’s a video for you:

And for those of you who are feeling kinda random and need new tunes, here’s a super kewt video for you:

At the moment, this song makes me a feel a teeny bit better about the awful burden of work on my shoulders. Lisa Mitchell strangeness ftw.



This is in case you are still interested in reading my blog entries, and want to know where you can find them. You can ask my professors for them when I have submitted and they are returned. My brain is kooky now that when I type out my essays I feel like I’m just blogging nonsense. I should treat myself to some delicious snacks 2night.



“Of the other tears of humanity with which the earth is soaked from its crust to its center, I will say nothing. I have narrowed my subject on purpose. I am a bug, and I recognize in all humility that I cannot understand why the world is arranged as it is. Men are themselves to blame, I suppose; they were given paradise, they wanted freedom, and stole fire from heaven, though they knew they would become unhappy, so there is no need to pity them…

…Listen! If all must suffer to pay for the eternal harmony, what have the children to do with it, tell me, please? It’s beyond all comprehension why they should suffer, and why they should pay for the harmony. Why should they, too, furnish material to enrich the soil for the harmony of the future?

…Oh, Aloysha, I am not blaspheming! I understand, of course, what an upheaval of the universe it will be, when everything in heaven and earth blends in one hymn of praise and everything that lives and has lived cries aloud, ‘Thou art just, O Lord, for Thy ways are revealed.’ When the mother embraces the fiend who threw her child to the dogs, and all three cry aloud with tears, ‘Thou art just, O Lord!’ Then, of course, the crown of knowledge will be reached, and all will be made clear.”

IV. Rebellion, The Brothers Karamazov