So I was looking through the Rawa photos again, and for some reason I was INTRIGUED BY HOW MUCH RIDONKULOUS POSING THERE WAS EVERY FEW PHOTOS. It was seriously too funny not to post up. (I realised I only did a really short post on Rawa with a few photos! So no harm posting more out of the 2 albums worth)

I would like to particularly highlight the main 2 culprits of this posing madness.

#1 Quentin Lee

OKAY SERIOUSLY!? I AM DYING. AHAHAHHA PLEASE LOOK AT THE LAST ONE ITS SO FUNNY AHHAHAHAHAHAHA  (Quen pls forgive me but I really need to share this with the world)

Ok, not that my Korean is any better.


Just cos he is Korean doesn’t excuse him from this ridiculous madness.

And really strange things happen when you pair the guys together..



And when you put ALL OF THEM TOGETHER:

There must be something about the island that brings out this side of them. AHAHAHA GOOD TIMES.



BKK in pano


I promised BKK pictures, and here’s the first post of them. MY PANORAMIC SHOTS. So I decided to get the Pano app while I was there firstly cos I needed to capture the full awesomeness that was our service apartment.

Also, for those who are thinking HOWCOMEIGOTSOMUCHMONEYTOTHROWAROUND, the answer is I DON’T and that we got this apt for like the best deal ever. To give you an idea, I paid ~$300 for my FLIGHT AND SIX NIGHTS in the apartment. EAT. THAT.

The living area. Complete with CABLE TV (WE LOVE CABLE) & a fully-equipped KITCHEN (there were even tupperwares. TUPPERWARES.) Apartment also came with two bedrooms and two toilets. Photos for that later.

Here are some other panos I took. Pardon my FAIL noob pano skills.. BKK has too much MOVEMENT in the air, there’s no way I can capture perfect pano shots in places like Chatuchak:

Heehee note the alien HAND emerging from Cheryl’s arm. Whuut.

This was taken on the bridge across Platinum mall. Look closely to see where my pano messes up. My bad!



Going to be away @ BKK for the next 6 days. PLEASE PRAY FOR SAFETY and if anything happens, I LOVE YOU ALL xo



SNIPSNAPS from Hong Kong. (LATE!)

We were much too preoccupied with other things to take much photos. But here’s some worthy shots.

I left Cheryl at this store and went to walk around and half an hour later she was still here. In this same position. Haggling with the woman.

AS FEATURED PREVIOUSLY (‘featured’. HA. ima so delusional), the strange HK street food that everybody loves! Except us, I suppose.

Some loot. DISCLAIMER: Half of this (or more) is Cheryl’s. HAHAHA. Shove the blame..

Our staple. BUBBLE MILK TEA EVERYDAY. And once again, weird street food makes an appearance.

Ah yes. Who can forget the strange looking intestine thing that to this day we still don’t know what it is.


And yes, those are URSULA’S IMPRISONED MERPEOPLE from The Little Mermaid. {I actually went to take a screencap of this – I had to plug in my hard drive and everything. I’m such a dedicated blogger.} But to tell the truth, the weird food was actually GOOD.

Dinnering with my godparents :) THE FOOD TWAS INSANITY. I heart my godparents.

And last but not least, a photo of the lovely guardians that brought us out of the country :)




My very first video log of my HK trip last weekend!

And you know what? I realised that I LOVE MAKING VIDEOS.

Not just taking them, but also editing, splicing, choosing music, etc. Man, I love it. I really enjoyed myself the past hour or so making this and I hope you enjoy it too! (Well, I don’t know if you will.. its more narcissistic than anything else. Haha!)

As this is my first time taking videos with my IPhone, you will notice the following NOOB mistakes I make:

x some clips are upside down – don’t know how to rotate them on my laptop :(


x my voice is really soft (esp the beginning); I think I covered the mic while holding it.

x in other news, i had fun with the annotations thingy on youtube. might have gone a bit overboard with it tho.. oh well.


I promise I’ll try and improve the next time! Whenever that next time will be..

For now, presenting my first vlog: HK edition :)


What do you think? DYULIKEITDYULIKEIT.




Back from the HK weekend hiatus.

I just spent the last hour unpacking EVERYTHING (cos I really hate having a backlog of things to unpack and then sort out all over again – learnt my mistake from last year’s trips), and now I am sitting in front of le laptop feeling wasted. AND I have to get up early to do my essay tomorrow. Whoopee! Fun times.

Speaking of which, the weekend WAS a bit surreal, it kinda felt like the cousin and I got swept into this supermassiveblackhole of which time did not pass at all. It kinda just swallowed us in and spat us out right where we began. I don’t quite know how to describe the feeling. The only difference is we emerged from thehole with much more baggage. Definitely not complaining.

I got YJ a pair of Pokemon bedroom slippers. Yknow those big furry ones. Yeah, this one has big yellow Pikachu faces sticking out at the toes. And I don’t care how embarrassing it is, he’d better be stomping around NZ in it when it gets shipped there.

Its been a long day. A NEW WEEK BECKONS.


For the weekend


Lets hope this weekend will do some therapy for my soul. Retail therapy :D

Na not just that; also spending time with my long-lost cousin CHERYLSARAHLEE and being in a different place. Need to do some searching, some healing, some strengthening..

I’m thinking really hard about how to articulate how I’ve been feeling recently and such and I don’t quite know what to say other than this:

I just want to be happy.

That’s all.