This post is dedicated to my first and potentially last roommate ever in my life,



For the past week (and ongoing!) we have been telepathically catching each other on gmail chat everytime I log on. We then progress to either have

1. very meaningless and laughoutloud (I refuse to use LOL you can’t make me) conversations or

2. very serious and intense conversations about certain issues/getting your psychologist mode on!

So today I realised, I MISS YOU JACKIE!! AND OUR AWESOME #747!! I cannot imagine having any other roommate and making it out of Berkeley alive (imagine if the original G was my roommate. We would have clawed each other to the death.)

I shall now dedicate this prose to you.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..


You gatekeep the food shelf with me, and let me eat from your top shelf and steal chewy bars when I’m hungry, provide me with a hot water kettle and multi-powerpoint plugs.

Even though you and I both know that half of that shelf was consumed by the boys, we both accepted our fate without complaints.. AND EVEN RESTOCK FOR THEM. Geez we’re nice people.



HAHA this is an extremely salient point in our friendship. I totally forgot about TWENTY ONE until I saw this photo. Nicknames for everyone got us through the semester with our sanity! And who would’ve thought they would continue TILL NOW. (G2 G2 G2 G2 G2)


You share the burden of having to entertain the guests who stop by our room for all sorts of reasons.

Rafi looking for instant noodles, Pete choosing ties for the farewell dance, Shamil for using the charger and my laptop and every other thing in between, Jarvis & Yong for your Iphone, Yushi for beer, Eric for… no reason because he just magically turns up in our corridor every night half-conscious, and lastly, HANS FOR – WELL – BOOTY CALLS. HAHAHAHA JOKES.


You soldier bravely with me during Spring Break at the risk of losing our lives due to Shamil’s bad driving (in general) and Jarvis’ angry driving in the mornings -AND did the admin planning/booking with me because we knew if we left it to the boys we’d be driving into a desert and sleeping on the streets..


You endure the presence of the Comfort Bear which I insisted on bringing along for Spring Break, which took up space in the car, in the bed, and ultimately in my luggage bag.

And also put up with my long rant on WHATTONAMETHECOMFORTBEAR and at the end of the day he is still unnamed.


You fly across Amerika with me for my crazy 2 day NYC 2 day Philly travel plan even though you didn’t have to (but this is closely related to the fact that you have an unlimited cashflow so maybe I shouldn’t give you all the credit. HAHA)



(This was another very important moment btw!)

Okay and these are just like the points I can illustrate using photos.

There are still tons of things like:

LETTING US CRASH YOUR VEGAS SUITE FOR FREE (we are eternally grateful), being my fellow PI during the G-GRAPES-BASEBALL period (constant updates via sms!! it kept me alive and not burning with anger the entire time), staying up in Yong’s room waiting for Shamil and I to return from Reggae, wallowing in self pity with me about our procrastination of work, and I think my biggest debt to you is still having to make you bear the burden of WMMS being your BFF towards the end.. in order to distract her from her sorrows (too many a time!). Oh, and of course being the go-between during those Korean drama worthy moments. (Not just mine, Shamil’s too!)


And although we are constantly in the above manner most of the time..

AND YOU ARE¬† ESSENTIALLY STILL THE POOHDEVIL TO ME – I haven’t listed down your evil actions (namely, our last night of Spring Break which you don’t even remember, calling me a YOUKNOWWHAT HAHAHAHA that was legendary. As well as earplugging yourself from my snoring. Which I still maintain was cos I was sick. AND MANY MORE TALES I HAVE TO TELL.)




And I must admit I do miss your cynicism and dry humour every once in awhile. I can’t believe I’m admitting this. But yeah. BY THE WAY I am still considering you as a future bank that I can loan money from interest free, if I ever end up poor and on the streets.


This video is still my personification of you:


This video might be regarded as mildly satanic and gets a bit creepy towards the middle. PARENTAL ADVISORY IS TO ONLY WATCH THE FIRST 30 SECONDS DUE TO THE USE OF VULGAR LANGUAGE AFTER. Poor pooh.

But honestly its the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in ages. I remember watching it in my room in Berkeley and I LAUGHED SO HYSTERICALLY that Jackie could hear me through her earplugs.

(YJ and I have a favourite takeaway action: the part where pooh starts chanting “sa-tan sa-tan” and does this 360 degree turn while his head is still in place. CREEPILY HILARIOUS MUCH.)


I’m actually talking to you online NOW. This shall never end.



The Brothers Yap put up the sequel to the musical that was done 2 years ago at Penn – Sing, City 2! Thanks to the brother, we got VIP seats on the couch even though we were slightly late hoho. And then we had the most entertaining two hours of our holiday. SO FUN. Here are some photos. Sorry they are all yellow-ish.


Oh yes, I forgot to mention all the SINGAPOREANZ I met on the trip to Philly.


Jon, TAN SIYOU!!!!!!! GAHH!!! Zhiwei, Limmy, and Daph! And of course my brother as well :) SO happy seeing all of them there.

I think I appreciated the musical this time so much more because I actually fully understood all the inside jokes about being a freshie and trying new things, having late night snacks, inside jokes, loneliness disease, instant noodle metaphors, and so on :) Twas awesome.



Excerpts of songs. I’m just going to post the lyrics of the portions that are in the video.


If you’re gonna be fresh
You can only get better
Cos we got the time to try
We’re not gonna be fresh forever
But just for now
Time is on our side

Lets make a toast to making the most (of our time)
Of a bad situation
Here’s to procrastination!
To weed! To grass! To sleeping in class!
To sweatpants with juicy written all over the ass!

THATS MY MACDONALDS. We related very strongly to this song about late night food snacking.

There’s a Macs at fortieth street
Where the trust fund kids and the homeless meet
Where every man wants to be
At the front of the queue
That’s my Macdonalds

Eating bad food to stay awake (its alright)
You can be my Macdonald’s break every night
There’s one place where the doors don’t close
And they don’t turn out the lights

Staying up on a sugar rush (is alright)
Never liked the food as much (as you)
You’re my happy meal at the end of the golden arches

RANDOM SCHOOL FACILITY. You can only hear lots of shouting and laughing for this video, sadly.

I never expected to be
Hit by the love of a lifetime (of a lifetime)
In a random school facility

We never imagined to meet
Someone especially special (oh so special)
For the very first time
In a random school facility

SEKALI I. But I already gave the link to the full song on Mr Brown’s blog, complete with lyrics.

Sekali you (maybe you)
Don’t want me (you dowan my love)
And maybe you (sekali you)
Jio another zar bo more pretty

Oh my heart picha (ping ping piang piang)
Into many small small pieces
I pray to Buddha Mohammed Ganesh and Jesus
That sekali you
Will be mine (zo wa eh sim kua)

No words can replace (no need for translation)
Regardless of race (language or religion)
As long as you understand the language of love
Is when I hold your hand
Then that’s good enough (good enough)
For me

Steady bom pi pi


The next morning we met with everyone for brunch in Chinatown at a dimsum restaurant. AWESOME FOODZ CAN. After which we had to take a bus back to NYC and then to JFK to catch our flight back. Very interestingly, I sat with TEOH ZHIWEI for the two hour bus ride to NY cos he was also going back, and we had to most strange and hilarious conversation EVER. I don’t usually talk to Zhiwei for long periods of time one on one, but ohmygosh so funny can. We were totally reminiscing and talking about the good ol days, all the stupid things that had happened, stories, and I was also being HARASSED for a good one hour of the trip – he even CALLED UP CALEB to discuss his matchmaking plans for me mytian. But it was reallaye reallaye fun, catching up after that long. Zhiwei is so retarded.


The events of the day. The first photo was taken on the bus ride with Jon to Philly, where he drastically fell asleep halfway while mixing music on his laptop. HA.

The flight back was pretty disastrous cos we got delayed like one and a half hours due to bad weather and when we took off THE TURBULENCE WAS MAD I think we were caught in a thunderstorm or something. The plane was rocking violently like VIOLENTLY I thought I was going to die can. I was praying so hard but okay la I survived in the end by the grace of God. Hoho good to be alive.


So ladies and gentlemen, that marks the end of my FUNTASTIK SPRING BREAK (and also the end of my word-picture vomit). I am really sad that it is over and I want it to last like 3 more weeks :( Or forever, if possible. But now its back to Ihouse and Berkeley – which is still home sweet home :)

And last but not least, a tribute to the two friends that flew all the way with me across the USA to spend a crammed four day holiday (but it was so good aye!) on the East side to accompany me cos I wanted to visit my brother.





We took a bus to Philly at night, and while we were waiting for the bus in NYC who did I spot but our very own JON ONG. Of which he was HORRIFIED to see me because he was actually giving Caleb a SURPLIES by showing up for the musical. So a funny twist of fate and I ended up sitting next to Jon on the two hour bus ride. And because he wanted to be SO SEKRETIVE I couldn’t even tell my MOM that he was next to me when she called me on the bus. HELLO MOTHER NOT MY FAULT.

Checked into Club Quarters and three of us were AMAYZED at what a GREAT HOTEL IT WAS. How about our room was almost like a penthouse can. With DUVET BLANKETS, ROOF WINDOW and everything – too bad we couldn’t see the stars. We were even more pleased to find out that THERE WAS ORDER IN FOR EVERYTHING and it was SO cheap so we had a field day of a dinner. HOHOHO. INDULGENCE ONCE AGAIN.


The next morning we had to wake up early to take the half an hour walk to UPenn in time for the seminar part of Diaspura 2. WE WERE ALMOST LATE. But we made it in the end. LOOK! ITS MR BROWN! Ahahaha. Halfway through the seminar I got an URGENT TEXT/CALL from Shamil and Jarvis asking for the Enterprise car number and we were so freaked out we thought they got into an accident or something. But turns out that Jarvis locked the keys IN THE BOOT. HAHA. So they had to call for roadside assistance. SIGH.


Post-singapore lunch¬† was followed by short tour of campus (that I am all too familar with omged) and unhealthy B&Js which made us all go on a sugar highhhh. And we crashed in the afternoon. (okay I crashed. The two of them went a-walking AGAIN hahahaha but I couldn’t be bothered cos I’ve seen Philly too many times).




SECOND LEG OF SPRING BREAK! (aka the REAL holiday, according to Jackie and I)

The two boys dropped us off at LAX before cruising their way to VEGAS to lose all their money and get wasted and see the biggest tree in the world before heading back to Berkeley. Meanwhile, the three musketeers flew across the country to the EAST SIDE hohoho. We flew Virgin Airlines, which had purple lighting and awesome touchscreen functions for tv and mtv. We all ended up watching TOUGH LOVE, the trashiest show in the universe – but evidently entertaining for all of us. Ahurhur.


We arrived at JFK at like 6+am in the morning OMGED. The photo shows how we made it alive and well and happy :) And on the airtrain to the subway, we saw the sunrise. PURPLE SKY. OMGOSH the first time in my life I’ve seen a purple sunrise how amazing and unreal.

We were DYING cos it was so early in the morning but we could only check in at like 12+ so we had to wander the streets of New York.


While walking it occured to me that somehow Times Square and Broadway looked even MORE exciting and billboardified than it did two years ago. Hmm.

Half an hour into window shopping, Yong and I got conned into buying SQUIRMLE, THE MOST RETARDED TOY IN THE UNIVERSE. We got conned by the advertisement (insert little boy’s traumatized and transfixed face) and so excitedly bought it and when we opened it, IT WAS A SCAM. WE THOUGHT IT WAS MAGIK. But it was actually the biggest scam!!!! We couldn’t stop laughing and feeling cheated all at once. Stewpitness.

After which they decided to PART WAYS, so Jackie walked off all the way to goodnessknowswhere (she even saw the statue of liberty ohmy imagine how far she walked), and Yong went to find his Ktown and Walstreet and etc, while I just went walking on 5th Avenue.. and by the time I was done I was SO tired my contact lenses were dying so I just checked into the hotel myself before the rest of the two, and HAD AN AWESOMELY GOOD BATH AND AN AWESOMELY GOOD NAP :)

Okay so we all napped eventually. And awoke at about 6 for dinner, and then WICKED!!!!!! WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. And paid a freakish amount of money for its not funny. We had dinner at Applebees (:D) and Jackie and I were indulgently craving STEAK and so we gave in to our heart’s desire. STEAK IT WAS. AND IT WAS MIGHTY FINE.


Halfway through dinner we all concluded that somehow only THEN did it feel like we were really on a holiday. Damn good feeling la.

Photos of the WICKED theatre :) And the show was spectacular and definitely worth the money and at the sad songs I WANTED TO CRY. I want the soundtrack NOW.


After the musical we went a-walking. Times Square at night as usual :)

The night ended with a massive pillow fight and attempting to inflict hurt BUT FAILING VERY MISERABLY and also jinxing myself with thetimeofthemonth and getting scolded by Jackie cos the TV was too loud and she had fallen asleep. Ahahahahaha. KENA SCOLDED.



I finally went to places that I had not been before! CENTRAL PARK <3 Jackie went to meet her friends for lunch and abandoned us so we spent the afternoon at the park. It was an afternoon of live jazz, oreo ice cream, climbing up rocks, watching ice skating, listening to the man playing saxaphone under the bridge (OH WHAT ICING ON THE CAKE), watching millions of squirrels behave like spiderman and being very tempted to steal people’s dogs to make the day Perfect. Okay we didn’t steal any dog in the end how sad :(


Oh how I love Central Park.

HERE ARE VIDEOS FROM THE PAST SIX DAYS OF ROADTRIP. For your perusal and entertainment. I hope they entertain you as much as they have entertained me.

Walking down HOLLYWOOD, BABY!

Home videos: LOST IN UCSD.

La Jolla Beach: Seagulls take flight! It would’ve been a magnificent moment if Shamil was not whining about having them shit on us.

Uber cute kids at the aquarium.. okay yes stalker-paedo tendencies came out.

At the San Diego Zoo carpark. SHAMIL STRUGGLES TO PARK THE CAR.

And this has to be the highlight of everything. SHAMIL FALLING OFF THE SKATEBOARD OUTSIDE WALMART. AHAHAHAHA.



Of course, coming to San Diego we HAD to go see its WORLD FAMOUS ZOO. So we spent the WHOLE of Tuesday at the zoo omged I nearly died I was SO TIRED by the end of it. But Shamil and I concluded that the Singapore Zoo is comparable :) Maybe not in terms of diversity of wildlife (hurhur), but other than that, the Singapore Zoo is pretty awesome as well. HA we are such patriots.


We saw like 128102393 billion animals in one day. That is WAY too many.

Of course we mainly went for Jarvis so he could see an elephant. The boy has never seen an elephant IN HIS LIFE. GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME. Side note: I LOVE ELEPHANTS <33 They are such kind and honest looking creatures.

The animal that fascinated me the most that day was THE MONKEY. Or monkeys. It was so scary watching them cos they looked soooooo human like. Hoho and the last animal we saw were the BONOBOS, which apparently were monkeys which had sex all day long – but when we got there, we saw something even GROSSER. Omged I couldn’t even chew my gum. They were eating their own FAECES. OMGED. TOTALLAYE RIDONKULOUS ANIMALS CAN.


Ahahaha this is funny. Each of us and our national animal. The NZlander and his Kiwi, Jackie is psuedo-australian with her Koala bear, Shamil and I are trueblue lion city dwellers and believe it or not, England’s national animal is the lion too. WHUUUUUT.


We were EXHAUSTED by the end. Hoho.


Dinner was a highlight – we had an ORIENTAL ALLYOUCANEAT BUFFET which had every single oriental AND non-oriental kind of food in the world. We all felt pretty sick after that. That was also the night that Shamil and I witnessed the backstroking driverseat woman and I laughed like I never laughed before SO NOT FUNNY but then again it was THE FUNNIEST THING IVE SEEN IN MA LIFE I cannot get over it AHAHHAAHAHA.

Later on that night I got persuaded into going to the ALLAMERIKAN BAR with Jarvis and Shamil. And it was truly ALL AMERIKAN. Like those bars that you see in movies hoho.


And this was the night that I got free chocolate and later on fell asleep in the bar..which led to Jackie calling me a loser. MY ROOMMATE HATES ME!!!!!! Ahahahahaha.

We came back to the room at about 2am and the two of them were already sleeping and to our horror there was a PYRAMID OF BEER CANS on the table mytian.

Ahahaha then we woke them up and thus started the EPIC night of madness. SO FUN. I didn’t want to let anyone sleep cos I kept saying its the last night we were all gona be together for Spring Break and so IT WILL BE THE END OF AN ERA if someone sleeps!! And so we stayed up talking nonsense and went one round playing FIRST IMPRESSIONS hahaha I cannot take this. Everyone thought Yong had a Korean pop star thing going on. SO funny. And we talked about how we were speculating what kinda person Jarvis would be like before he came. Scary britishman who eats cake on his bed. AHAHA.

The night went on and on until Jarvis fell asleep SPOILSPORT (END OF AN ERA CAN) and JACKIE very championly took up the other spot on his bed which left Yong and I WITH SHAMIL THE SNORER OMGED. I cannot believe we survived. (Actually the scarier thing was that when we woke up the next morning Jackie didn’t remember anything MYGOSH see la pyramid of beer somemore).

YOU SEE, every single night Shamil has to put on this NOSE THING for snoring and spray this ANTI-SNORE thing (DOUBLE PROTECTION HAHA) so that he doesnt KILL all of us with his snoring. Which has to be described as a FULL ON TRAIN COMING RIGHT AT YOU TO KILL YOU, HARDCORE. The snoring is too intense. And even when he does precautionary measures it doesn’t always work, so we always wake up in the middle of the night either 1. shouting SHAMIL!! WAKEUP or 2. tempted to throw something at him like the comfort bear or 3. swearing in our sleep. Okay not me, but the rest of them. Ahahahahaha.

That night HE SNORED LIKE NEVER BEFORE omatian. And it was worse because usually he sleeps on the other side of the room but now he was RIGHT next to us so it was SURROUND SOUND SPEAKERS IN YOUR EARS. And I know TWICE I woke up and whacked him and once Jarvis shouted at him like SHAMIL! WAKE UP AND SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE!!!!! AHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY.


The morning after. Please look at Jackie and Yong’s pride and joy of A BEER CAN PYRAMID. Aiyoma.

We checked out and went to WALMART (YAY!!!) and did some shopping. When I emerged, the boys had SKATEBOARDS in their hands and I was like omgosh you have to be kidding me. Cos they’ve been talking about getting a skateboard since like JANUARY and Jackie and I were always like, they’re never going to get it.. but now Walmart provided them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams at a rather low cost. Ahahaha so they were skating around the carpark and SHAMIL FELL OFF I HAVE A VIDEO HAHA.

That kinda marked the end of the first leg of the trip. Six days, with the five of us all together. After which Shamil and Jarvis dropped the three of us at LAX to catch our flight to NYC. Second leg coming up! Four days on the east side! WHEW. I cannot believe I am so efficient.

23/03 continued


Hoho so after the beach, we decided to go the BIRSCH AQUARIUM. Because we are civilized creatures. However to our dismay we discovered it was closed already so we went into the gift shop.. and somehow managed to wander into the entrance of the aquarium and so we got in free. HAHAHAHA. But we stayed for only about half an hour cos we got chased out just as I was about to do my anchorwoman debut on this newscaster game thing. SO SAD :(


There were a bunch of kids taking photos and they were shouting CHEESE in spanish so they were all like PESO!!!!! in their high pitched little voices. SO CUTE. I took a video. HAHA.

Okay after which we made our way to SEAPORT Village which was this very nice quaint little touristy village place by the sea. Just as we were about to enter, this man with the carriage approached us and asked us if we wanted to ride for a CHEAP price. And Jarvis was like, will you give it cheaper if I can guess where you’re from and HOHO he guessed DUBLIN in IRELAND and he got it right so we paid like only 30USD for the ride amongst the four of us.





I was seriously. SO HAPPY. You cannot imagine. And in my head I was like gosh this is one of the things I want to do before I die and I’ve done it!! One off the bucket list!! Ahhh so awesome :) So happy srsly. And while we were riding around people and kids kept staring at us JEALOUSLY (MWAHAHA) and we felt like celebrities WAVING and stuff hahaha. One of the major highlights of the trip :D

After the lifechanging ride, we had fish&chips by the sea and waited for the sunset :)


I love sunsets at beaches. I’ve seen a few now, and they take my breath away every time.


Jackie and I used the SAUNA in the hotel that night HAHA. While we were burning ourselves, we talked about everything in the world and finally jinxed certain events that ensued later on national level. Ahahahaha.