CLICK FOR FULL DESCRIPTION OF THE ITEM. (I promise you won’t regret. Might be a bit M-18 though)

American born, but schooled abroad, Eric retains many European sensibilities, including Italian bravado, French table manners, and German soccer skills.”


I will not disclose who are the people who gave me this present, but I would like to qualify that I’m pretty sure they had did NOT have the full understanding of what this lip gloss was meant to convey and represent. HAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE IT. SO HILARIOUS.


Take 2


I’m really curious and intrigued.. is it going to be a different feeling every time we meet? To me, you’re strange and you’re beautiful.


Thanks B! :)

Potpourri two


Its a cold and wet day in Berkeley.

Random thoughts:

I want a warm cup of Starbucks Gingerbread Latte but its too far away and too cold :(


I watched Serendipity (OLD SCHOOL) last night in Andrew’s room. I’ve been going back and forth over the fairytale vs realistic aspect of it.


YJ and I bought Peace Chains on the way back from lunch. This dude has made 400,000 ceramic pendants over the past 18 years in multiple languages. We got ours in Arabic.


The last episode of Glee Season 1 has been aired. It was amazing :) AND I LOVE WILL&EMMA MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!


I am in love with city for reasons I do not know.

4 days till TGIF


For many, many splendid reasons.

Now all I have to do is to make it till then.



FTR: I’m definitely bringing two suitcases now, one empty.

(Points to NUS friends+threadless sale, oldestbrother+possibly illegal goods, myself + the excuse of christmas.)

Early christmas presents from me to me.


They shall be awaiting my sweet lovin’ on the other side of the globe.


If I had a christmas wish, I wish to raid the UO online store.

Or world peace.

HAHAHA OKAY ZOMG the first choice sounds materialistic, and the second choice sounds bimbotic. Whoops.


Realistically if I had only one christmas wish? (and I couldn’t wish for more wishes)

I could wish that YJ and I were in the same country, or that I’d get my dream job and not worry about life after graduation, or that friendships could always stay as they are and not change.

Or teleportation. That is a good one.

But if I had to choose one,

I wish I could make as many differences as I could for God, because I know there is no greater joy than seeing His will done on Earth.

I know it might sound kinda noble and pretentious, and if the situation were presented to me, who knows what I would choose in that moment? I might even wish for one times Ryan Gosling or one times Edison Chen. But I’d like to believe (or at least hope) that when I am faced with a situation, I will be able to choose the right thing



Ame is back! :)

Welcome home.

And its Jackie & Jarvis’ birthday today! :)

Thank you for everything. And I mean, everything.



Picture 8

All I need is the Revlon eyeliner. The rest are in the bag.


I also would like heaps of cotton tank tops, and clothings in lace, gray, and champagne.

Colour me happy


I don’t want things that are cool or in fashion or whatever,

I just want things that make me happy.

An example to illustrate my point:


This ridonkulously beautiful lampshade made of roses makes me very, very happy. I would be happier if it belonged to me, and I had a pretty room for it to sit in and look beautiful in. Sadly, I do not :(

That makes me sad.

Lesson: In addition to just seeing things, one needs to own them to reach the highest level of happiness. But in the meantime, one can appreciate such things from afar, and wish happiness to the individual in the world who actually owns it.

At least someone gets to be happy :)