SECOND LEG OF SPRING BREAK! (aka the REAL holiday, according to Jackie and I)

The two boys dropped us off at LAX before cruising their way to VEGAS to lose all their money and get wasted and see the biggest tree in the world before heading back to Berkeley. Meanwhile, the three musketeers flew across the country to the EAST SIDE hohoho. We flew Virgin Airlines, which had purple lighting and awesome touchscreen functions for tv and mtv. We all ended up watching TOUGH LOVE, the trashiest show in the universe – but evidently entertaining for all of us. Ahurhur.


We arrived at JFK at like 6+am in the morning OMGED. The photo shows how we made it alive and well and happy :) And on the airtrain to the subway, we saw the sunrise. PURPLE SKY. OMGOSH the first time in my life I’ve seen a purple sunrise how amazing and unreal.

We were DYING cos it was so early in the morning but we could only check in at like 12+ so we had to wander the streets of New York.


While walking it occured to me that somehow Times Square and Broadway looked even MORE exciting and billboardified than it did two years ago. Hmm.

Half an hour into window shopping, Yong and I got conned into buying SQUIRMLE, THE MOST RETARDED TOY IN THE UNIVERSE. We got conned by the advertisement (insert little boy’s traumatized and transfixed face) and so excitedly bought it and when we opened it, IT WAS A SCAM. WE THOUGHT IT WAS MAGIK. But it was actually the biggest scam!!!! We couldn’t stop laughing and feeling cheated all at once. Stewpitness.

After which they decided to PART WAYS, so Jackie walked off all the way to goodnessknowswhere (she even saw the statue of liberty ohmy imagine how far she walked), and Yong went to find his Ktown and Walstreet and etc, while I just went walking on 5th Avenue.. and by the time I was done I was SO tired my contact lenses were dying so I just checked into the hotel myself before the rest of the two, and HAD AN AWESOMELY GOOD BATH AND AN AWESOMELY GOOD NAP :)

Okay so we all napped eventually. And awoke at about 6 for dinner, and then WICKED!!!!!! WHAT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. And paid a freakish amount of money for its not funny. We had dinner at Applebees (:D) and Jackie and I were indulgently craving STEAK and so we gave in to our heart’s desire. STEAK IT WAS. AND IT WAS MIGHTY FINE.


Halfway through dinner we all concluded that somehow only THEN did it feel like we were really on a holiday. Damn good feeling la.

Photos of the WICKED theatre :) And the show was spectacular and definitely worth the money and at the sad songs I WANTED TO CRY. I want the soundtrack NOW.


After the musical we went a-walking. Times Square at night as usual :)

The night ended with a massive pillow fight and attempting to inflict hurt BUT FAILING VERY MISERABLY and also jinxing myself with thetimeofthemonth and getting scolded by Jackie cos the TV was too loud and she had fallen asleep. Ahahahahaha. KENA SCOLDED.



I finally went to places that I had not been before! CENTRAL PARK <3 Jackie went to meet her friends for lunch and abandoned us so we spent the afternoon at the park. It was an afternoon of live jazz, oreo ice cream, climbing up rocks, watching ice skating, listening to the man playing saxaphone under the bridge (OH WHAT ICING ON THE CAKE), watching millions of squirrels behave like spiderman and being very tempted to steal people’s dogs to make the day Perfect. Okay we didn’t steal any dog in the end how sad :(


Oh how I love Central Park.