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This reminds me so much of our summer in LA, when Alice brought us to Venice Beach, and we sat outside Cold Stone and just r e l a x e d. I’d give anything to relive that atmosphere right now – but I guess thats what happens when you get displaced out of your Real life. Everything becomes so special because its somewhere else. But seriously, I’d give anything to just be chilling in some nice weather with good company.

The closest to California I get is ANDREW’S ROOM IN EUSOFF. HAHAHA. Which has become my default place for just chilling and hanging out. An hour ago Tania and Yvonne were in this room. Now Andrew has fallen asleep. And I need to leave for Holland soon but I’m getting a tiny wave of food coma.



Its the weekend! :) I turn 22 after this weekend. Dude, thats old.

I feel really happy looking at that photo for some reason. Good times.



Almost famous


OH SNAP. We are even cooler now.

We made it to the Kogi website! YEYA.

I sent Alice the photo last night, along with an email attached letting her know that we are spreading the good word of Kogi around the island and thanking her for her home & hospitality while I was in LA. She replied me this morning saying she just got back from an international food festival and met 2 Singaporeans and we ALL HAVE DIFFERENT ACCENTS. She was thoroughly amused. Love it.

In the Kogi post she also added in the obligatory “la” to the end of the sentence, Singapore style.


“How have you BEEN???  AHAHAHA.  I love, love, love that fact that there’s two people in Singapore walking around in KoGi shirts.”



Kogi love


We are the coolest people in Singapore right now.

…because I’m pretty sure we are the only 2 people on the island who own Kogi merchandise.

And its not even on sale yet in LA or on their website!




Similar hand sign unintended. HAHA.

(Random: Alice made a very strange KOGIMISSESYOU video for YJ here)


Peace out. Night.

A little lazy love



Today I woke up missing my bed in LA.

This is how it looked like on the day I left for the airport, so clean and pristine. The rest of the 9 days before that, however, my suitcases and clothes and items were strewn ALL OVER the carpet there was hardly any walking space. Anyhow. Look at how comfy the bed looks.. duvet, silk, fluff, feathered comfort. What a great sleep I had every night after a long day of adventure. Lots of HIMYM re-watching in that comfort as well. Tucked in, warm, safe, sleepy, hidden..

Ditch the plans we made,
rest your lovely bones,
spoon-feed these new daydreams,
a pajama holiday,
we’ll get stoned on love.



So, as mentioned earlier.. we drove 12 hours for TWO days just to get here.


Location: Niland, CA.


Besides the fact that I LOOK RIDONKULOUSLY BRONZED, please take a look at this amazing place! I came to learn about this place while reading this random person’s art blog, and I was so fascinated by the concept + images portrayed that it stuck it my head all the way till when I was in Cali.

You can read about it at its official website here.

I believe with all my heart that we are FIRST ASIANS to set foot in this forsaken destination in the middle of the farflung desert.


You can actually walk inside the little painted ‘mountain’..


This was where it got kinda freaky cos there was NO ONE around, and when we went into the little tunnels we saw this man sleeping on a table (whom I assume is the guy who did all the paintings/brainchild of the place taking a nap from work) – but it was still kinda scary.

Sorry if you can’t hear much cos of the wind!


LOOK AT HOW DESERTED THIS PLACE IS. In the middle of nowhere. And I kept wondering if this guy is trying to make a statement about God’s love, why is it in such an ulu place that is so inaccessible to people? Strange huh. Later Shawna provided some insight and suggested that precisely its in the middle of the desert, thats why the statement is more stark.

Now thinking about it, I’m suddenly enlighted. In the middle of nowhere where no one cares or bothers, God’s love still remains and doesn’t go away. It is an explosion of colours and paintings in the midst of a barren desert, it is unmistakably not part of this landscape, yet is firmly built upon it. I am liking this symbolism.


Fruits of the spirit, John 3:16, and the Lord’s prayer!

I found this short video on Salvation Mountain on youtube and it really says alot about the place, the man who built it, and our God who inspired it. CHECK IT OUT! (It also illustrates HOW ULU AND FAR WE DROVE. 120 degrees DESERT TEMPERATURE)

This old man is SO cute. Omged.


Like I told Yong, I’m never going to come back here again, but its one of those things that you do once in a lifetime, one of those things you write on your bucket list and wonder if you ever cross out – I’m not exactly the kind of person that dares to dream big and does crazy things like drive 12 hours (essentially using two whole days) to see this little mountain that no one has ever heard of before, but hey guess what? I’ve done it, I’m so proud of myself for committing to do it, and I’m so glad that I did it with someone special. In fact, I can’t think of any friend or any person I know who would have indulged me in my absurd quest. I’m truly thankful :)


This marks the END OF MY SUMMER TRAVELOGUE :( I’m sad to some extent, but hey its been super fun recapping everything. Now my blog shall go back to acquiring its longlost local flavour!

Roadtrip to Nowhere


LA TRAVELS RECAP 06/06 and 10/06:


And by roadtrip, I REALLY MEAN ROADTRIP. In total we drove about 12 hours. Our destination? SALVATION MOUNTAIN: NILAND, CA. (This shall be in the next post) It was 3 hours from LA, and so to and fro it was a 6 hour long roadtrip.

Why was it 12 hours? Cos we drove there TWICE. Once on a saturday and once a wednesday.

Why we drove there twice? Because the first time, we drove 3 hours, did a u-turn thinking that we had passed the destination, and found ourselves at a AMERICAN SECURITY CHECKPOINT. Of which they asked for our passports, of which we did not bring (cos we didn’t think we were going to be passing through a checkpoint!? This reinforces how ULU our destination was). This resulted in them having to call the Singapore AND New Zealand embassy to verify our visas. Which then resulted in the police officer questioning WHY I WAS STILL IN AMERIKA because my student visa had expired. In my bid to explain that I have a 30 day grace period according to Amerikan law, he said that this was “no laughing matter” and I could be “sent to immigration jail”.

OMGED CAN. I was like WHAT. How about I know my rights and I HAVE A 30 DAY GRACE PERIOD. But Yong was like aiya forget it we can come another day.. AND THE AGONIZING THING WAS WE ALREADY DROVE 3 HOURS AND WE WERE THAT CLOSE (cos later we found out we were 10 mins away) and WE HAD TO TURN BACK. Cos we didn’t wana risk getting stopped at security checkpoint again without our passports.

So technically our first roadtrip was a failure. Drove 3 hours to find ourselves having to turn back and drive 3 hours back to LA not reaching our desired destination :(

BUT we both concluded that we should look on the bright side, cos we actually stopped by the Salton Sea, which was an unexpected beautiful sight + my camera had run out of battery (AND I HAD TO TAKE PHOTOS OF SALVATION MOUNTAIN you shall see why in the next post) + after that we headed to the Santa Monica pier + we got to spend time together :) Lovely.

First roadtrip 06/06 (failed):


WE DROVE INTO THE DESERTS AND MOUNTAINS. I KID YOU NOT. WE EVEN MANAGED TO WITNESS A MINI-TORNADO IN THE DESERT!! + Driving along huge mountains feeling like we were a toy car + reaching WINDMILL PARADISE where there were millions of windmills all around! WHAT A SIGHT.


This was the Salton Sea. How beautiful. The sand was made of broken shells and there were dead fish all along the coast, but look at its breathtaking view – it looks like it came out of a Chinese water painting..

Other random roadtrip #1 facts:

x My feet hurt from the shell-sand, and I got piggybacked back to the car :)

x We discovered 100.5 DESERT FM, the best mix of radio that you can get in the desert!

x We heard MY LIFE WOULD SUCK WITHOUT YOU by Kelly Clarkson NINE freaking times on the radio (before we found desert fm!) We know the first few bars by heart now.

x Stopped by a DISNEY SALE + Jackinthebox snack where the man gave us a free soft drink! What a nice man!

x We love our little blue Nissan versa.


Okay! Second roadtrip 10/06 (success!):


We drove to where the water touched the sky, where the clouds rested lazily on the peaks of mountaintops, and where the horizon blurred into one big piece of heaven.

Random roadtrip #2 facts:

x We heard HALO by Beyonce about 5 times on the radio (GOOD, BECAUSE WE LOVE THIS SONG!!! Can’t get enough of it) + heard POKERFACE by Lady Gaga about 4 times. (BAD, BECAUSE SHE IS PORNOGRAPHIC)

x On the 3 hour drive back, we asked each other about our favourites. 3 hours was too short.

x Conclusion: We’ve been to NILAND, CA okay. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE THAT IS? DON’T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT WHERE YOU’VE TRAVELLED, SERIOUSLY. This was the most hardcore roadtrip to themiddleofnowhere that I could ever even begin to imagine. IN MY LIFE.

*this post is to build suspense for the next* :) WHERE DID WE DRIVE 12 HOURS TO REACH? And was it really worth it? Stay tuned! Hahahaha.

Theme park frenzy


MORE LA UPDATES (this is never-ending! hahaha)

08/06: SIX FLAGS


There weren’t alot of photos cos we had to lock our bags in a locker.. SO THAT THE CONTENTS WOULD NOT FLY OUT AND BE BLASTED INTO SMITHEREENS WHILE WE DROPPED 1092319231834 FEET FROM THE TOP OF THE ROLLER COASTER. Amagad. As I said previously, if you haven’t been to six flags, you haven’t REALLY sat on a roller coaster. The first ride we took was GOLIATH, and stupid Yong was like “oh this is the second scariest so if you take this you can take everything else.. and I won’t make you take the scariest”. And then after I DIED ON THE ROLLERCOASTER and was reserrected again, he was like “okay I bluffed you that was the scariest.” -_-


x I am scared of scary roller coasters (not the mild ones that are in like HONG KONG THEME PARKS)

x I love water rides!!!

x Theme parks are ultimate ripoffs when it comes to food and drinks

x One more thing off the bucket list done that day :)


09/06: SOAK CITY!

Probably our funnest day! We spent the whole day at Knotts Berry Farm SOAK CITAYE. SUPER FUN CAN. Please x-reference Fantasy Island/ Wild wild wet in Singapore. I haven’t been to wild wild wet yet though!



x THE TIDAL WAVE POOL. Oh so fun. And it got REALLY fun when we decided to compete with the kids in the front of the tidal waves for the PRIME POSITION. Oh man I had so much fun reliving my childhood. Even though in my head I was like, I’m too old for this.. BUT WHO CARES I AM NEVER SEEING THESE KIDS AGAIN. They probably thought we were uber psycho. I fought so hard I had such bad blisters on my toes can. HAHA.

x THE PACIFIC SPIN (refer to picture of colourful funnel-like contraption). The best water ride EVER created. We took it like four/five times. The water was icy cold, the best part was the sudden drop, and then it was UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN DROP DROP DROP AAAAAAAAAAA SO FUN omged I want to ride it again!!!

x Standing under the big pail of water to get splashed by icy cold water TWICE. Freaking. cold. omged.

x A slow float through the park on the SUNSET RIVER. Ahahaha relaxing.

x Other tons of uber fun rides (and one that I thought I was going to fall off the slide and die omged)

x Watching small little kids run around. I could watch kids all day.


x SOAK CITY PURPLE BEAR FOR 5 BUCKS! I’m so glad I bought it. It sleeps with me at night, and reminds me of all the good times :)