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Recently I’ve been drawn to thinking about what kind of life I hope to lead in the future…

The old me would say that I would settle for a comfortable and predictable Singaporean lifestyle, and pass that off as ‘contentment’. The new me looks back on that and calls it ‘settling’ (with a dash of lazy). The phrase ‘contentment’ should not be abused. Not that I have fully found its secret. But it is so easy to say that you are content, when you are actually just plain LAZY. How can you claim value over anything if you have not tried your very best with what has been given you?

The new me wants to have adventures. Exciting experiences. Exciting how? Not in a carchase/brightlights/highlife/fameandriches kinda way. But in a way that sees the exciting aspect of every mundane thing, that always has a new and different appreciation for all aspects of life. It could be traveling and tasting new lifestyles and cultures, or it could be marveling at God’s creation right outside my window.

Preferably, I would like to have someone to experience these adventures with, someone to FIND and CREATE these adventures with, someone to grow old and silly with.

If not, I would like to have at least people in my life that can encourage me to keep on creating adventures no matter how old, lonely and un-fabulous I am at 40/50/60.

{disclaimer: I sincerely hate imagining my future out loud because I know its all so futile in the short run. But I suppose sometimes it helps you create some goals and dreams that you can work towards in that future. Or does this all just go in a big cycle? Food for thought.}



We break things, You fix us.

No. 5


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I’ve got sunsets to witness
dreams to dance with
beaches to walk on
and lovers to kiss
there’s a whole lot of world out there
that I can’t wait to see
My best days are ahead of me

Love the unloved


Eat that chocolate cake, get your hair wet, love someone,

dance in those muddy puddles, tell someone off, draw a picture with crayons like you’re still 6 years old and then give it to someone who is very important to you.

Take a nap, go on vacation, do a cartwheel,

make your own recipe, dance like no one sees you, paint each nail a different color,

take a bubble bath, laugh at a corny joke, get on that table and dance.

Pick strawberries, take a jog, plant a garden, make an ugly shirt and wear it all day,

learn a new language, write a song, date someone you wouldn’t usually go for,

make a scrap book, go on a picnic, relax in the sun,

kiss the un-kissed, hug the un-hugged, love the unloved and live your life to the fullest.

So when you’re standing in front of Heaven’s gate that chosen day,

you’ll have no regrets, no sorrows, no disappointments.”

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Never too late


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