To the people that I have shared this part of my life with, thank you very very very much for making it that much more awesome. Better remember me when I come back from the hiatus! (I’m taking a break from all the BMs in school, wish me luck with the AMs in Cal! HAHA!)


Post-fellowship late night happybirthday-ing in NUS! :) The night of my HSM high. You gotta getchagetchagetchagetchaHEADINTHEGAME! And yummy oatmeal cookies baked by Amelia. Also the day that I dug up my old AC sweater = ooh the smell and comfort of memories linger. Favourite sweater ever :)

Nice one, Toshi.

Party location courtesy of Yangshen, awesome quality BBQ foodstuff courtesy of Liz, (Eh don’t we owe you money??) island cremery courtesy of Amelia and I! Cookies n Cream and Teh tarik. YUM.

The NUS bunch, plusplus :) Hahaha. OHOH and Quentin is not in the photo cos he is taking it.. the SLR on the table will have to do.

Those hard at work.. (mainly Liz and Amanda)

Those hard at play. They were looking for Yangshen’s rabbits in the garden. HAHA.

And of course, the feasting.

DundunDUN! The humongous amount of PRIME STEAK we had. It was truly prime and tasted like heaven! Until we all became too full and the steak just kept coming..


The HUGE prawns. Which were awesome too.


I love roasted marshmellows. LOVE :)

Toshi and Amanda comparing notes.. AND HAHA NICE PHOTO LIZZZ.

Leftovers. Note how Kenneth’s face keeps getting cut off. HAHA.

TIME IN NUS IS PASSING SO FAST. This sem is a bit weird. I rarely see anyone. I only see Toshi, Quen, Marcus and Rachel ONCE a week. And I don’t even see the rest of them at all! :( Which is quite sad actually. Before I know it, its going to be DECEMBER (we are in OCTOBER ALREADY GOODNESS) and then its going to be 2009 and I will be flying away for the whole of next sem. Someone tell me please why is time moving so ridiculously Fast.



LONG OVERDUE PHOTOS. This was fellowship last Tues, which consisted of the six of us. Hahaha. And yes, that is Amelia opening her NEW ITOUCH AND HER NEW MACBOOK which arrived at her doorstep halfway during the session (Life is unfair, btw). After which we stormed off to Chun Tin Road after the command from Ian to introduce our new AM friend Tim to The King of all Durians – CAT MOUNTAIN KING. And it was awesome. Happiness. Durian. Mmmm…

Bye Jon! And the usual – when you become famous don’t forget us :)
We had our first evangelistic outreach event-type-thing at Howard’s last night. The night consisted of games, music, short sharings by Ian and lots and lots of food and conversation. Adele’s cooking is the bombs. Tiramisu is one of my favourites so that took the cake for me – AMELIA HANG we must make a mental note to add her to our list of master chefs. I really want to learn how to make all these wonderful desserts :) Okay anyway, it was really by God’s grace that we pulled the whole thing off, considering how tired we all were by the end of it. All of us came from different places – work, school, and for me, I was at Nav Encounters Camp the entire day and it was really draining to keep up the ENTHUNESS from the morning and make it last through the event at night. ONLY BY GRACE. I really liked the singing items actually, they really added a nice chillout atmosphere to the whole night – and when Kiyoko was singing Reflection, it kinda opened up this whole new meaning for me. Even though none of my own friends could make it, I’m glad I got to meet new people. I suppose the outcome of the event is not as important as much as the process of it. Because the seeds have been sown, and that is our responsibility. Only God can change hearts. So we do what we can, and trust in His Sovereignty :)

Pictures of happy people and their friends. With the good, good food prepared by the lovely ladies all around. Also, if you are wondering what is the last photo in the above collage, it is a photo of Adele’s fabulous shoes. HAHA. AND. I met PK’s brother! TIS A SMALL, SMALL WORLD :) Click for the larger collage, the rest of the pictures and larger ones will be up on facebook soon.

AND OF COURSE, much thanks to TOSHIYUKIMORI for it was his birthday that day! And he sacrificed his celebration for the event. Happy birthday Toshi :)

I am now in a world where I have to hide my heart, and what I believe in
But somehow, I will show the world what’s inside my heart
And be loved for who I am.