And so, after sleeping for more than a year on my oldest brother’s handmedown SOFA BED, I finally am the proud new owner of an actual bed.

Yesterday marked chaos in the Yap household after returning from IKEA, because putting in my new bed meant taking out the old bed -> meant taking out Caleb’s old bed frame and putting the old bed there as a sofa -> meant ALL THE TOOLS WERE OUT hammers and screwdrivers and whatnot. We could literally compete with the lift construction outside. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANGGGGG.

Moving of furniture always means MASSIVE UPHEAVAL and also time for some cleaning out and makeovering. Which is exactly what I did to my room.. took about a few hours k. NO JOKE.

K, it kinda looks the same because my main furniture frame is built in la, what to do. But as you can see, my NEW bed is half the size of my old one – and hoorah I didn’t fall off it last night while tossing and turning. In other changes, check out my sizable nail polish collection:

BOOYAH. My pride and joy, somewhat.

I also put my 12931203 polaroids to work, and now more of them are up on display. Yay! Spot the ACJC Class of 2006 flag hanging proud as well :)


After all this, my sincere condolences to Gideon, whose sleeping situation has still not been improved. He has become quite at home in the balcony after the past year.


Attn: GBC Youth




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Other indicators of your old age: you’d rather rush back home after four hours at a funfair just to take a nice shower, cosy up in bed, load the best show in the world (ANTM FTW) while sleeptalking/singing to your bf online.

Back in the day when my age still had a one in front of the second digit, I’d be owning those funfairs man – this explains why I was way more energetic last Funorama (I WAS BARELY TWENTY). The era of fun&games is so over.

AND it doesn’t help that I feel like a cougar half the time I’m there.


The above photo is perfection. Relax. Pets. Lover. Books. Prints. Drapes. Colour. I love everything about it. I guess it could be a better scenario if the cats were dogs.

Shiny things


My DIY spirit has resurfaced (briefly) again!

Each top only cost me 5 bucks :) I am so proud of myself! I’m still a noob when it comes to DIY (sigh, when I wear this out you can probably spot the uneven rows and for one row of the pink sweater there’s an awkward space in between two rows ARGGGHH imperfection) BUT I’m really EXTREMELY pleased ttm with the results :) Can’t wait to wear them out soon!


In other news,

x I went for my interview in the morning today. Lets just say if I weren’t schooling now, I’d be having my dream job. But because I’m schooling, I’ll have to wait for them to get back to me for later postings in the summer. Fingers crossed! And thankful nonetheless.

x Went for a pedicure. And my pedicurist today was a deaf lady. It was a really strange experience, and I really didn’t know quite what else to do except smile whenever she gave me the thumbs up to ask if what she was doing was okay. So. Interesting.

x I finished Dear John while riding the bus home (and during the pedi). (SPOILER AHEAD) HOW ABOUT THE ENDING IS SO RIDICULOUSLY SAD EVEN SADDER THAN THE MOVIE actually the movie wasn’t even that sad BUT ZOMG. And some paragraphs of the book were really jumping out at me.





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Um, yea. That’s about it.



About 6 more days of this! I can do it!

DIY: Studs


First yarn & knitting, now studs and embellishments :)

I am pleased with my new DIY spirit.


So I finally got hold of the studs & rhinestones I ordered from ebay, and picked out a few boring and forgotten cardigans/tanks/tops.. and voila! Awesome is my middle name.

This was the first project attempted. And I have to admit I was Stupid because I didn’t realize the studs could be ironed-on, which resulted in my wrestling with the glue gun for quite a while (and a burn on my fingertip OUCH).

:( I wish I had realized earlier! Then the studs wouldve been much neater and cleaner.

These other 2 were random spur-of-the-moments.

So.. I’ve kinda used up all my studs already. EBAY HERE I COME.


Learning new skills + creating new things from old things = little joys!


I had alot of thoughts and small reflections during church today, but I know if I begin now its going to end up in a 1920123 word essay.. which probably isn’t the wisest thing to do right now when I should be heading for bed soon.


Another week ahead! The final moments before the exams. I am bracing myself, and praying.