I suddenly remember this. It was the skateboard craze period and it was a random late night. Shamil wanted to go practice his (EPIC FAIL) skateboarding skills so he, YJ and I went down to campus and I lay on the bench half asleep, half peering at the pitch black sky above me, while they started on their antics. I could hear the sound of the wheels on the skateboard on the concrete going back and forth, Shamil & YJ’s mix of accents echoing around me. When they were done, we explored the random foresty bits of campus, which were all empty and abandoned by this time. We ran down slopes, shouting and making jokes, laughing until we saw the road lead open into Telegraph. That might’ve been the same night we discovered the fresh donut holes that tasted like warm pieces of cotton candy. I don’t know how threads of memory get pulled out from my brain like that, neither do I know how accurately I am recounting this particular memory. But one thing I do remember clearly about that night, is how it felt; how we felt.

We were so free.


Haha since I’m at it, I was looking at some photos of Shamil & YJ. Here are some of my favourite Malay-Korean moments.

On the bus.. probably passing by OAKLAND (TPWPD) on our way to/from San Fran.

Our very first Sunday Supper.. which Shamil took very seriously and even did his hair to look super formal. And back when YJ still had a REALLY SKINNY FACE ZOMG.

The night they discovered the room in Ihouse with the drums & piano. Why was I even down here with them!? Jackie where were you?!

7th floor lounge, our second home :)

Yeaaaah.. the skateboards were bought at Walmart.

On our way to a baseball game.

At IHOP in LA.. for a really late dinner.

They are two of the best people I have ever ever known and I love them very much. In fact, Shamil’s birthday passed about a week ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIFE TEACHER (as YJ would call him). I miss us all very much. xo


Summer 2010


Forgotten snapshots of life aka some things I’ve done over the summer..

Met REAL DESPICABLE ME MINIONS (+ got free stickers!)

Was a fascinated tourist in my own country + met an old friend from Berkeley.

Had lotsa random rojak meetings of friends that I love <3

Saw two friends of my uni years graduate :)

Been attending YACG.

Cut my hair short again.

Sat in the middle of the road/outside a house while KOI disintegrated my stomach.

Rapped in a band.

A huge part of my summer has also been going out with girlfriends for weekly dinners + spontaneous suppers with Mike & Nat.. and soon all this shall come to an end.

And now. MY FINAL YEAR IN UNIVERSITY IS ABOUT TO BEGIN. I never thought I’d see the day.

A day in the life


Yesterday we spent a day in the life of a tourist, visiting the new addition to our island’s cityscape.

All photos courtesy of Quen. Please fall prostrate at his feet now.

The four of us had the privilege of witnessing this amazing view of this little red dot, and what better time to do it than a month before National Day :) Four of us = Quen, Jiwon, Tarnia and I – probably one of the most randomest combination of people yet. But I sekretly love random small groups which are Not Awkward. Its like finding a new combination to a puzzle. Random church chatting @ Beanstro ftw.

I will not damage the beauty of this post with my rambling (I will do another with MORE RANDOM PHOTOS of this day) but one last thing –

Bright lights shine on the street at night, guiding me closer to home.



The charms & trinkets of Little India, the sweetness of Max Brenner chocolate, the company of longlost friends. Sipping dark chocolate granitas while recounting endless episodes of ihouse first semester drama, wondering how we got here & reeling at the thought of how it has been more than a year since all of this has passed, yet we remember every moment as clear as day. There is something beautiful about the bursting memories that replay themselves vividly in your mind.

Steak & foie gras night @ Kat’s. Kat’s steak has taken our friendship to a new level, and I echo Mat’s sentiments. Mmm I think we should just make our weekly dinners permanently at her place, and let her whip up some heavenly creation for us. Love these relaxing nights with girlfriends, getting high on wine&conversation, with the pup clamouring and running around our feet.

I am soooooo full on food, love and memories.



I promise I will do an extensive/whiney ANDREWHASLEFTANDIAMSOSAD post after I stop work this week, but just for the record since he left this morning – so long homie. I will miss you (and your camera) more than you think I will :(

I am terrible and hopeless with goodbyes (not to mention sappy). Andrew leaving and not knowing when I’m going to see him again is like losing a brother to a war which you don’t know when will end (ok maybe not that serious but youknowwhatimean).

This goodbye goes right up there in the hall of fame of ‘saddest moments in my life’, right after 1. leaving YJ one year ago at LAX, 2. putting Socks to sleep. It shall be labeled as 3. LOSING A BROTHER TO THE WAR OF THE UNCERTAINTY OF LIFE, AND THE CERTAINTY OF GEOGRAPHY AND DISTANCE.

:'( sadface.


YJ claimed good genes. He doesn’t even count cos he is pure korean. FAIL.

HAHA I was browsing through the kiwi’s photos and so many (other) memories started rushing back. IM SURE JACKIE WILL CONCUR (!!!!!!!)

I am putting this under the cut so that my fangirlness can be minimized. Prob too late for that.

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7 months late


As is the title of Quen’s facebook album.

I love my hair back then (!!!!!) RAWR. And this series of shots was taken right after I got off the plane and headed to Berkeley. Quen surprised me with his FLASHING PAPARAZZI-NESS when the door was flung open. Once in a lifetime kind of good times :)

Kudos to the photographer! Thank you for digging the photos out for me :)

My second chance at reliving those instax polaroids, colourful cups, yummy yogurtland kind of afternoons, with people I love and a hand to hold <3