The very rare one time that we had a night to take a breather from school.


Happy (belated) birthday to my DEBORAHCOUNTERPART, without whom this semester would have been a living hell. AT LEAST WE HAVE EACH OTHER. *CRIES* <3 you Debbie! xo

I would also like to add in that meeting friends after a stressful period of school&madness is such a wonderful thing. SUCH A WONDERFUL THING.



FAKE MOTORCYCLE COUPLE. (Pete’s head is way too small for a bike helmet ahahaha)

REAL MOTORCYCLE COUPLE. Happy belated birthday DEBBIE! :)

Just came back from watching The Social Network with my oldest bro & Nat.

This is how it went down.

Nat & I: *SERIOUS CONVERSATION* at playground below my block

– Oldest brother appears, on his way to his car –

Me: EH! Where are you going?

Dakor: Watch midnight movie *opens car door*

Me: Orh.

Dakor: You wana come?

Me: *looks at Nat* You want?

Nat: (one second hestitation) *shrugs* Okay.

– Get up and enter car –




& TO TOP THAT OFF, MY BROTHER WAS AWESOME & WE SAT IN GV GOLD CLASS LUXURY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE (THEY HAD BLANKETS. AND RECLINING CHAIRS. Pardon my suaku-ness). Its almost 4am and I’m super tired considering the fact I was planning to go home at 10pm to sleep.¬†BUT MIDNIGHT SPONTANEITY FTW. Such a great reward after a week of essay writing hell.

Also, tonight will be considered epic because its the first time that any AC person has interacted with my mysterious oldest brother who has been an enigma to all my friends. YAY!




MY JC DINGDING ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!! He is definitely not my friend. Facebook should have a ‘dingding’ status that we can label people as. OK IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS, ITS ALRIGHT. RANDOM PEACE OUT.


A follow-up of the previous post – the product of our INTENSE EYE SHOT. That’s hot.

Happy 22nd Nat :)


Nat’s 22nd @ Brewerkz.

To Nat: Happy birthday to one of my closest friends in the World <3

To everyone else: Guys, its been five years.

Part 1 of 3 of the night that ensued.

The second new haunt we discovered today (or rather got introduced to) is one of the quaintest coffee places on the island I’ve been to. Kiyoko told me abt it before, but I never really got down to checking it out till today.

Ditch the pricey cafes at Ann Siang and Club street, at Papa Palheta you pay for whatever amount you feel the coffee deserves. Plus you can choose indoor or outdoor seating. Plus they make those foam shaped things on your coffee. Plus the people are friendly. Love it.

Met some of Miche’s law friends in the process, then went home to get changed for CBR! Super stoked for tonight :)

Today’s brunch was semi-fail and later redeemed because we realized that Mimolette only served brunch on weekends :(

Instead, we left for greener pastures, via illegal transportation arrangements.

Picotin/ Menu & bread/ Miche & food/ Michael’s Pinto pizza/ My beef lasagna that I could barely finish half/ Peering into the bakery.

Just a sidenote: Angmoh children are so cute.