Deborah / 1988

Blogging since 2003 (shock and horrors!) – online expression has made its transition for me from personal to pictorial to a mixture of both.

This blog captures my life and the parts of it that I wish to share with others; my whims and muses, my rants and raves, my family and friends, and my travelogues and random thoughts.

I believe in dreams, in love, in chocolate & colourful nail polish, in the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, in the frosting of cupcakes, the comfort of ice cream and the chills of a rainy day. Above all, I believe in God and the need to always lean on His everlasting arms.

If you happen to stumble across this bit of my personal life that I have the privilege of sharing with you, I hope you leave this site having gained something! (I really don’t know what, but hopefully its something good) – feel free to comment and return, I’m only all too happy to know that I have avid readers (or stalkers. ok just kidding) :)




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