Dear Diary,

Yesterday, we had an 8-hour long project meeting. Which brought us from Starbucks to Brekos to A Random Bench in NUS because we needed to feel motivated FROM THE SHEER PHYSICAL SPACE OF CAMPUS – and then eventually, Bkt Timah Market for dinner. It was ridonk because we were STUCK and couldn’t come up with our framework.

Today, we had an 8-hour long project meeting @ Debbie’s place, WHICH I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO TILL TODAY. Binged our way through spaghetti, AWSM BAKED POTATO THINGY, extralarge strawberry pocky, macaroons, and 2-in-1 coffee. We finally achieved an ACADEMIC breakthrough. Then Debbie & I went to buy Cupwalker and we had a CARRIDE in the pouring rain (WHEE~) back to my homesweethome @ Bukit Timah.

In conclusion, we realised that we took so long because we had set the bar very high for ourselves and so we needed to at least meet or surpass our own previous work/expectations the Prof has of us and we have of ourselves. WE SHD JUST NOT CARE – THINGS WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH EASIER SRSLY.

But what to do, we are such good students. We look forward to next week. SIGH.


Debs, Debbie & Marcus


3 Responses to “SC4216”

  1. Hi pretty lady,

    Having a lovely weekend? I’ve a lovely for you & all your lady friends worldwide to cheque out. It’s the ladies favourite song; “I’ll See You Again” cheque this song @
    God bless you always.

  2. Tune into my creativity always pretty lady.

    Tell the whole about me

  3. Hi friend,
    Are you having a fun loving weekend,
    well enjoy yourself if you are.
    God bless you always.

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