BKK in pano


I promised BKK pictures, and here’s the first post of them. MY PANORAMIC SHOTS. So I decided to get the Pano app while I was there firstly cos I needed to capture the full awesomeness that was our service apartment.

Also, for those who are thinking HOWCOMEIGOTSOMUCHMONEYTOTHROWAROUND, the answer is I DON’T and that we got this apt for like the best deal ever. To give you an idea, I paid ~$300 for my FLIGHT AND SIX NIGHTS in the apartment. EAT. THAT.

The living area. Complete with CABLE TV (WE LOVE CABLE) & a fully-equipped KITCHEN (there were even tupperwares. TUPPERWARES.) Apartment also came with two bedrooms and two toilets. Photos for that later.

Here are some other panos I took. Pardon my FAIL noob pano skills.. BKK has too much MOVEMENT in the air, there’s no way I can capture perfect pano shots in places like Chatuchak:

Heehee note the alien HAND emerging from Cheryl’s arm. Whuut.

This was taken on the bridge across Platinum mall. Look closely to see where my pano messes up. My bad!


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