Some time last month when Cheryl got back from Shanghai..

3 of us had dinner… and then Cheryl WAS LAZY AND WENT HOME cos we are not as happening as her friends in Shanghai.

So Mat & I went to Toys R Us while waiting for Kat and DISCOVERED THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF 21ST CENTURY TOYS!!!!!! They had all sorts of amazing things I would have DIED to have as a kid. Seriously. One of them as featured in the photo: DISNEY PRINCESS MASAK MASAK TOYS (!!!!!!!!!) I understand why toy stores are really heaven to little kids.. now its just sad cos we can just buy them and its not special anymore. FAILSAUCE.

Mat was the only one who couldn’t hula hoop. Fail. No child bearing hips.

We ended buying DISNEY PRINCESS RINGS and then later realised they were too small for most of my fingers.

AND WENT CRAZY OVER THE HELLO KITTY MACHINE!! The ones where you put in one dollar and then you twist and the toy comes out in an egg. HAHAHA UM. We didnt manage to get the BIGINI hellokitty :( I do think we spent a small fortune trying..

Later on @ TAB (again!). Gave Kat her overdue birthday present!


Um. Yeaa.. that’s Michael. HAHAHAHAHHAHAA (don’t ask).

Okay just kidding, he came to join us because our post-dinner activity got changed and we managed to convince him to come down and hang out with us :)

The night concluded with supper @ NEWTON! Where we bumped into Joshua Tan & gang! Whom I haven’t seen in ten thousand years. Also, late night sting ray is the bomb.


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