In retrospect this is damn emo.


Watched Wall-E twice today. Made me think.

Walked home today after dark, something I haven’t done in a LONG time.

While walking, was plugged into CBR.

Randomly, it hit me. The fragility of life, the paper-thin existence of my own life.

It had to be CBR that invoked these uber-emo feelings within me. It always is.

And wow, how emotions come in w a v e s. Its like before you can surface to gasp for air, another one hits you and drags you under.

And you fight and fight and fight for one more gasp of air.

That’s all your paper-thin existence hangs on. That fragile line. Sustained by one more gasp of air after the other.

I’d rather feel the pain, the struggle to fight for my life –  than cruise through it, feeling nothing at all.


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