Rain thoughts


This is a continuation of my tweet.

The rain invokes so many senses and feelings inside, like eating a warm donut on a cold day or seeing lit up Christmas trees. love being human.

.. like shutting your eyes tight when you make a wish upon a shooting star, like having your pup rush to the door to greet you after a day at school. Like drinking 100plus after a crazy workout (I assure you this has happened. Before.), like insanity in a class during free period, like shouting off a cliff at the top of your lungs, like smelling freshly baked goods waft out of the kitchen. Like looking into a baby’s perfect face and seeing it burst into a smile, like hearing your parents say ‘i love you’. Like listening to your absolute favorite song come on the radio, like blowing out the candles when you are 5. Like going into the store and buying chocolate to eat right there and then, like watching old school Disney movies. Like lying on the grass and watching cloud shapes, like frolicking in a pool doing handstands. Like having a hand to hold, like being home away from home. Like presents, like joy, like love.

Okay maybe I got too carried away. But I still love this mood the rain puts me in.


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