A sneaky photo of our kickboxing instructor JANSEN :) I’m 80% sure he was the same guy that came to AC and taught us BODY JAM during PE lesson. HAHA!

To summarize, my life has been. A DISASTER. Ok just kidding. I just really hate the SYSTEM. What could this be about but school. University, in particular. MODULES and securing modules/ discovering last minute that USP LIED TO ME/ tearing my hair out over how my classes could’ve fallen through the cracks. I shall just channel all my unhappiness to the system.. because it’s no ones fault, really. I keep telling everyone that God is punishing me for being too slack for the past 3 years. I probably deserve this :(

To sum up, this semester is gna be C R A Z A Y E. My entire life is going to be in school. Mon to Fri, every day. Say goodbye to a social life and other leisure activities. But in a very twisted and warped way I am actually looking forward to working hard. GAME ON.

Despite this, I am very grateful for friends in school. Old friends made new, friends just being there to share your woes and burdens and commiserate with you. Friends like Toshi, Marcus and Debbie whom I see LIKE EVERY CLASS FOR 3 HRS EACH, friends like Mat who studies and whines and snacks and hthts and KICKBOXES with me, friends like David who pop up after 1.5 years (hahahaha) and listen to my crap and make me feel year one again (sigh)…. altogether I’m just really thankful for how God provides. Above all, His grace is sufficient for me.

{O YA I would also like to add in that today Debbie, Jon Lew & I went to Law campus to have lunch with Mun, Daniel Tan & Benchong. My first time going to BTC in the day! AND HOW ABOUT THE WEATHER WAS MADNESS AND I WAS LITERALLY DYING AND GNA MELT INTO A PUDDLE OF DISGUSTING SWEAT and then I wondered how the exchange students could take it SOPOORTHING. Ok end of pointless rant about the weather}


2 Responses to “YEAR 4 SEM 1 WEEK 4”

  1. tubiiieee Says:

    OMG you did that fake photo thing again
    OMG i think this guy came to my school AND SOMEONE THREW A COIN @ HIM :( does he have a high pitched voice??

  2. Debs Says:


    HE GOES TO EVERY SCHOOL AND EVERY COMPANY OMGZ!!!!! HIS NAME IS JANSEN!!!! HAHAHA AND YES HE DOES!! then again i have a theory that all the instructors who teach this thing look the same and sound the same and their names all start with J. could be one of them clones.

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