A scary moment today while driving. Lily Allen’s ’22’ came on the radio, and for a split second I was in mad panic because I couldn’t remember if I was 22 or 23. Years old, that is. I was actually Panicking. Like close to a mini nervous breakdown. Its almost like losing part of your identity; things like forgetting your last name, a part of your address, how old you are.

SEE, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS ONCE YOU PASS 21. ALL THE AGES ABOVE IT ARE LUMPED INTO ONE VACUUM COS THEY ARE ALL THE SAME AND YOU CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOU ARE 28 ON YOUR WAY TO BECOMING 30 (This is precisely what the song is making a social commentary against btw, that society says the female life is over by 30. Which is obviously untrue but as you can see I am a robot of society)


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