I suddenly remember this. It was the skateboard craze period and it was a random late night. Shamil wanted to go practice his (EPIC FAIL) skateboarding skills so he, YJ and I went down to campus and I lay on the bench half asleep, half peering at the pitch black sky above me, while they started on their antics. I could hear the sound of the wheels on the skateboard on the concrete going back and forth, Shamil & YJ’s mix of accents echoing around me. When they were done, we explored the random foresty bits of campus, which were all empty and abandoned by this time. We ran down slopes, shouting and making jokes, laughing until we saw the road lead open into Telegraph. That might’ve been the same night we discovered the fresh donut holes that tasted like warm pieces of cotton candy. I don’t know how threads of memory get pulled out from my brain like that, neither do I know how accurately I am recounting this particular memory. But one thing I do remember clearly about that night, is how it felt; how we felt.

We were so free.


Haha since I’m at it, I was looking at some photos of Shamil & YJ. Here are some of my favourite Malay-Korean moments.

On the bus.. probably passing by OAKLAND (TPWPD) on our way to/from San Fran.

Our very first Sunday Supper.. which Shamil took very seriously and even did his hair to look super formal. And back when YJ still had a REALLY SKINNY FACE ZOMG.

The night they discovered the room in Ihouse with the drums & piano. Why was I even down here with them!? Jackie where were you?!

7th floor lounge, our second home :)

Yeaaaah.. the skateboards were bought at Walmart.

On our way to a baseball game.

At IHOP in LA.. for a really late dinner.

They are two of the best people I have ever ever known and I love them very much. In fact, Shamil’s birthday passed about a week ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIFE TEACHER (as YJ would call him). I miss us all very much. xo


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