15th August


More birthdays.. and don’t expect the trend to go in any other direction. Given that school has started and that means my social life will reduce to nada given a few more weeks..

On the 15th of August, Uncle Kim Meng (aka 爹 as Gid & I like to refer to him as) turned 57.

This picture shows him back in the day in all his full moustache glory, and myself rocking BANGS (and not the straggly Socks fringe as some would remind me of in my secondary school days).

What can you say when your father turns another year older? Happy birthday dad, and thank you for everything you & mom have given and sacrificed for your children to make us as happy as possible? I guess that will have to do, although it probably barely scrapes the surface. I really hope we make you proud.


On the same day, was Grace Baptist Church’s 51st anniversary.

Once more, what can I say? All the beautiful memories I have had growing up, the relationships formed in this place – new & old, all the lessons learned, unlearned and relearned, it really has become holy ground for me. Set apart from the rest of my life. I make no apologies for choosing church or church commitments over other activities or friends in my life. Because it has been my undeserved privilege over the years to have been served, and now serve, the way Jesus did. I really thank God for all the work He has done over the years in GBC. Such a journey of joy and pain. No matter the crazy good times or the hurting bad times, I still choose this place to call home.

Your people love Your faithfulness.


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