Nav Encounters Camp 2010


More pics from Nav Encounters 2010!

MY GROUP, TEAM HEY ITS A PANDA! Flag painting courtesy of yours truly. And check out Jon Sng at the left – Daph suggests he is a Real panda. I would have to agree.

And because I kept prancing in last minute to spoil other team’s group photos, here was my retribution. NO MATTER, LOVE MY TEAM. PANDALICIOUS~

En route of the food haunt, upon finding DURIAN CHEE CHEONG FUN. ZOMG.

Met a friendly man with a friendly pet, SIBERIAN HUSKY PUPPY! SHO KEWT and so human-loving. <3 man’s best friend. (HI MAT IF U ARE READING THIS CAN U SEE THE WHATSAPP BROWSER OPEN ON MY PHONE. Yes this was where I was grumpily texting you that day abt youknowwhat o_o)

THERE IS KOI AT ILLUMA (aka bugis)!!!!!! NEW REVELATION FOR ALL OF US. & Derik’s first time drinking bubble tea!

Channelling my inner lian once again. It seems to be resurfacing quite often nowadays (x-ref SUDDEN HELLO KITTY LOVE)

This is Kristin, and her daughter KARIS!

I played with Karis at the playground and we pretended the world ended while we were safe in a bomb shelter, then we came out to find a new world and decided to start a restaurant selling in&out burgers. LOVE being a kid again, but really sad because I kinda had to think real hard to come up with ‘imaginary’ things and scenarios. When you’re a kid, it just comes to you. GAH. NOOOOOO :(

And this was everyone who was left on the last day! :)

Nav camps always teach me 1. humility 2. service 3. true meaning of love & acceptance. I was really grateful that Daph & Kang Ping were at the camp, in my group for the food haunt (SPGERS SINGLE COMING UP) and Daph for devotions in the morning, cos I have been away from Nav for awhile, and it was nice to have someone there that you are familiar with (and can do random things with. AIRPLANE AIRPLANE SORRY IM LATE~).

At every camp that I go to, I always have one moment where I tell myself, this is why God wanted me to come; this is why I came. My moment for this camp came on the last night, at about 3am in the morning.


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  1. daph Says:

    aww yay!

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