Love, me


Got back from Nav Encounters Camp 2010 :)

The highlight of my camp was the last night of spontaneous music making and interspersed conversation.. all the way into the A.M.

Daph, Derik (with cap on) & PIANO BOY (aka magic music man). Sherman is not featured in the photo BUT HE DESERVES SPECIAL MENTION cos he is so funny. STAIRWELL SINGING (Kina Grannis reference haha!) was amazing! And because of the  magic music man, we could pretty much sing any song we wanted. Because he knew how to play everything after just hearing one line of it O_O

We progressed from the stairwell and then back to the main room (AIRCON HAHA), and the jamming + conversation continued all the way into the wee hours and I think I could have stayed there forever other than the fact that my body was protesting.

The night before, there was actually a mini-session of this already cos I was singing a series of disney songs with piano boy on the piano and Daph in&out on the violin.

Just for the heck of it, I wana list all the songs that we sang .. or at least what I can remember!!

REPLAY (like many times SHAWTY~)/ Hey soul sister/ Bleeding love/ Lean on me/ Fix you/ I’m yours/ QING FEI DE YI/ Chinese christian songs that I don’t know the title of/ Therefore being justified/ Fly me to the moon/ California girls (WOOO~)/ Billionare/ A whole new world/ Tale as old as time/ Can you feel the love tonight/ Colours of the wind/ Always be my baby/ Home/ Don’t look back in anger/ When you believe/ Why (Nichole nordeman!!!)/ Angel in Disguise/ If we hold on together/ More than words/ WE TRIED TO SING LIGHT MY CANDLE FROM RENT but it was too dialogue-y haha fail/ If I ain’t got you/ Breaking Free/ Don’t stop believing/ Love story/ You belong with me/

(there were probably more. No joke ok. NON-STOP.)

AND MY FAVOURITE OF ALL!! LOVE, ME BY COLIN RAYE. Piano boy randomly started playing the intro on guitar and my eyes got really wide and I was like OMG I KNOW THIS SONG SO LONG AGO I USED TO LOVE IT IN LIKE SECONDARY SCHOOL AHHHHHH!!!!! And then I started singing and ALL THE LYRICS CAME BACK TO ME. Madness ttm.


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