New haunts p2: Papa Palheta


The second new haunt we discovered today (or rather got introduced to) is one of the quaintest coffee places on the island I’ve been to. Kiyoko told me abt it before, but I never really got down to checking it out till today.

Ditch the pricey cafes at Ann Siang and Club street, at Papa Palheta you pay for whatever amount you feel the coffee deserves. Plus you can choose indoor or outdoor seating. Plus they make those foam shaped things on your coffee. Plus the people are friendly. Love it.

Met some of Miche’s law friends in the process, then went home to get changed for CBR! Super stoked for tonight :)


One Response to “New haunts p2: Papa Palheta”

  1. geri Says:

    OMG i have been wanting to go to this place too!! Church friends told me about it but I CAN’T GO COS I DON’T DRIVE and it is pretty hard to get there without the car!!

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