Matric Fair 2010


I had a super duper fun lunch with Peter Yim from Nav today, after which I proceeded to crash the Matric fair to visit the Nav booth.

Found Nat who was there as part of his work, went around terrorizing the VCF and CC booths trying to matchmake a certain male and certain female. Oh drat I can’t remember their names. We also chatted up the cosplay dudes.

It was incredibly depressing introducing myself as YEAR FOUR. I never realized how old that sounds until I actually said it out. ZOMG.

AND THEN WE MADE A NEW FRIEND. WHO IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD. His name is Ramanan and he looks like Viknesh and he is going to be famous someday cos he’s gna invent some crazy electronic chip that has codes that will make us robotronic. Or something like that.

So Nat and I snagged a photo each. You know, just in case the dude really does change the world with an invention one of these days (and Nat even exchanged numbers HAHAHA)


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