Owls/sweaters/moustaches/denim/peace signs/flamingos/chocolatey beverages.

Credits to photos can be found on my tumblr.

SO FINALLY, my tumblr is no longer secret. I have had it since 2008, but it was just used as a kinda ‘storage’ space for all my random images & whatnot from the web. But now that I’ve finally gotten the hang of how to actually use it & update it regularly (and I have been!), it shall now no longer be a secret stash of pretty things. COME VISIT IF YOU SO DESIRE :) Its like an open invite into a sekret part of my mind.. or something.

ANOTHER THING: I think I’m definitely moving over to tumblr maybe next year or something. COS THEY HAVE THE MOST AWSM LAYOUTS. Damn wordpress and its limited selection.


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