Church Camp 2010


This is about exactly ONE MONTH overdue. YAY ME!

Church camps are always amazing in the sense its a mini getaway for everyone. This year there was sparking of debate&discussion over the workshop topics, and made everything so much more memorable. To know that the youth&YA were listening, thinking, willing to be open about their views, was a huge encouragement. THE AFTERNOON OF DISCUSSION IN OUR ROOM shall remain one of the highlights. As well as the countless ‘takeaway’ chants of CMNC & ‘ACCEPT THE GIFT OF SINGLEHOOD’. HOHOHO.

Sze & Sherms

Roomies. & the note that miss Stacey Wee decided to put on our door (I must say it was effective in getting everyone to knock on the door)

Atas meals! Loving the face, Stacey.


ROOMIES again! Post-shopping.

One of the MOST PLEASANT SURPRISES was having Jon & Gid come down on the last day of camp!!!! It was a small fangirl moment. <3 Brothers.

Um yes. Incredulous looks.

And one of the mad things that was sparked on the last night..


And for some reason it caught on to the girls. (okay maybe just Stace)

As you can tell, Shermaine was involuntarily dragged into it.


Haha! Up next, our epic night of SONG IMPROV + YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!!! So ultra embarrassing but that was an uber fun night! We reached total madness at one point, I must admit. Never too old to be a child again.


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