This is the tumblr 30-day photo challenge. I am breaking the rules because 1. this isn’t tumblr and 2. i’m going to all 30-days now cos I’m bored.

I love silly things like this.

Starting with… 1. Your facebook profile photo

This was taken on Andrew’s last night in SG, and his farewell present to me – YJ’s lanyard attached with illegalkeys from YJ’s ihouse room, and a random yellow clip that had ‘yeah bo’ written on it (prob the work of a certain GERAN)

2. A photo of yourself a year ago

There are heaps, obviously.. but lets go with this one. HAHA featuring Uncle Michael Wee! Taken when the Wees came to visit @ Ihouse, sometime in April? When my flowing locks were still intact.

3. A photo that makes you happy

There are way too many photos that make me happy. This is one of the top three, I would say.

<3 I miss us so much.

4. A photo of the last place you went on holiday

HONGAKONGA. With the cousin & the rents, in March.

5. A photo of you

Taken by QUENTIN, in our YEAR ONE SEMESTER ONE, 3 whole years ago. ZOMG.

6. A photo that makes you laugh

They should really have a time frame for this!! THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY LAUGHABLE PHOTO MOMENTS. So I’m just gona post 2.

Orientation 2006. I love these people.


7. A photo of someone you love

Every day.

8. A photo of your favourite band/musician

I have no single favourite. But if I had to choose one currently:

9. A photo of your family

This is my favourite photo of my family.

10. A photo of you as a baby

Rocking my short forehead + bangs.

11. A photo of your favourite film(s)

And just to name a few:

12. A photo of you


13. A photo of your best friend(s)

Some people will always be close to my heart.

There are still heaps. Of course, people like 5stars3dots, bean, jonnaye and various ones hold a super special place in my heart. But I was too lazy to find the 9203123 photos. HAHA.

14. A photo of one of your favourite family members

I’m assuming they mean relatives. And who else would it be. HAHA HI CHERYL.

15. A photo of you and someone you love

I am sorry for being predictable.

16. A photo of you at the last party you went to

Chare’s 22nd birthday party!

17. A drunk photo of you

I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN DRUNK cos 1. I am a good girl 2. my body repels large amounts of alcohol on its own hahahahaha!

I shall answer this question by the few times that I turned really, really red (its a YAP DISEASE. We all have it.)

1. The night in the 8th floor lounge. ‘ASIAN GLOW’, Jarvis termed it.

2. Spring Break, at the San Diego bar. I have a feeling Jarvis is my red-face jinx.

18. A photo of one of your classes

This is very sad cos it reminds me that my classes in NUS are super not-relational. And I was too lazy to go back and find the ACJC class photo. This is the closest:

YEAR ONE SEMESTER ONE, IN LT11. With Toshi and Sheryl, Quentin’s church friend, who is now Married and Pregnant. Z.O.M.G. TIME IS RUNNING A MARATHON.

19. A photo of you on a school trip

I MANAGED TO FIND THIS. The one and only school trip I ever had was in NANYANG where we went to SHANGHAI. It was awesome, btw. Such great memories. This was in 2005.

20. A photo of something you enjoy doing

Serving in church. Always my privilege.

21. A photo of you standing up

OK WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? But anyhow, a photo of me standing up.. wearing Mun’s blazer. HAHAHA.

22. A photo of your town

My beautiful TOWN, Singapore. Haha! And yes, this photo is once again from Quen.

23. A photo of your friend as a baby


24. A photo of you that your hair looks nice in

MY NICE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! *WAILS*

25. A photo of a night you loved

Another ridiculous question. Its like asking me to choose between my mom and dad. Or between Ryan Gosling and YJ. Can’t be done. BUT ANYHOW this was a photo I came across that made me reminisce about the night and so I shall just put it up.

The Last Dance on Paradise Island.

26. A photo of your favourite weekend

I’m posting 2, and both happen to be weekend getaways at the beach :)

1. Santa Cruz

2. Rawa Island

27. A photo of last summer

This was bean & I last summer, chilling in Chicago! An amazing trip that was.

28. A photo of what you ate today

Would a photo of what I ate yesterday suffice?

29. A photo of someone you find attractive

NICHKHUN <3333333

Okay I had to stop myself from spamming this with more photos of nichkhun. AHHHHHH o.O *GOOGLY EYES AND FANGIRLNESS*

And the last challenge is..

30. A photo of you when you were happy

Which I think is a silly question, because I could drop a virtual pin on all my photos and I’d probably be happy in that one. I would like to believe that I am truly happy most of the time, esp when I am in the company of my friends and loved ones :)



4 Responses to “30-DAY PHOTO CHALLENGE”

  1. tarnia Says:

    D: 23 -_-
    24: your goal for the face shape/hair by the end of the year
    khun so hamsum

  2. Elena Says:

    This was so great! I loved this post! I mean it’s so amazing and was a great insparation!
    Greetings from Bulgaria!

  3. dana lee fate Says:

    hi. i just googled 30-day photo challenge so I could see what the headings were for each day. as this site came up, i looked through your pictures.

    you share in and spread all that is beautiful in the world.
    in this, your heart is very blessed.
    continue to shine brightly in the world.

  4. John Says:

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