Give me freedom


And that glorious insanity of a month that comes and goes every 4 years ends tonight.

I think this is a beautiful song and a beautiful video! So inspiring and wonderful :)

I’ve been psyching myself up for the final match by watching World Cup commercials and such. I LOVE WORLD CUP COMMERCIALS. They appeal to the emotionalwrecks with ten million soft spots like myself – as do Olympic commercials.

Also, caught the last bit of a documentary on the History Channel about the History of Football, where one story was recounted by a soldier during a war. On Christmas Eve, the battling soldiers came out of their trenches and made truce for half an hour, singing christmas carols.. followed by a game of football. The war continued for another three years, but there were no gunshots heard for that half an hour, and everything was forgotten but the joy of the game. Some sports are beautiful in that way. I really respect that.

Tonight, I’m leaning more toward rooting for Spain, but I think both teams really deserve to be where they are, and whoever wins will deserves it! This world cup has been amazing to follow & watch, because its been impossibility after impossibility. And it is such a comforting and wonderful thought that in real life, the impossibilities actually happen.


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