A day in the life


Yesterday we spent a day in the life of a tourist, visiting the new addition to our island’s cityscape.

All photos courtesy of Quen. Please fall prostrate at his feet now.

The four of us had the privilege of witnessing this amazing view of this little red dot, and what better time to do it than a month before National Day :) Four of us = Quen, Jiwon, Tarnia and I – probably one of the most randomest combination of people yet. But I sekretly love random small groups which are Not Awkward. Its like finding a new combination to a puzzle. Random church chatting @ Beanstro ftw.

I will not damage the beauty of this post with my rambling (I will do another with MORE RANDOM PHOTOS of this day) but one last thing –

Bright lights shine on the street at night, guiding me closer to home.


One Response to “A day in the life”

  1. TANIA Says:

    SOOOO NICEEEE were the only two words we said

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