I promise I will do an extensive/whiney ANDREWHASLEFTANDIAMSOSAD post after I stop work this week, but just for the record since he left this morning – so long homie. I will miss you (and your camera) more than you think I will :(

I am terrible and hopeless with goodbyes (not to mention sappy). Andrew leaving and not knowing when I’m going to see him again is like losing a brother to a war which you don’t know when will end (ok maybe not that serious but youknowwhatimean).

This goodbye goes right up there in the hall of fame of ‘saddest moments in my life’, right after 1. leaving YJ one year ago at LAX, 2. putting Socks to sleep. It shall be labeled as 3. LOSING A BROTHER TO THE WAR OF THE UNCERTAINTY OF LIFE, AND THE CERTAINTY OF GEOGRAPHY AND DISTANCE.

:'( sadface.


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