I come in alien peace.

Yeah yeah I know I’ve been a pretty lousy blogger these past 2 months. Blame it on the REAL WORLD (i.e. the working world) which puts me through the same agonizing torment every night of deciding if I should spend my precious 3+ hours 1. dinnering/catching up with friends 2. resting at home/talking to YJ. Throw in the option 3 of world cup and it pretty much makes it even more stressful to make the decision. WHERE GOT TIME TO BLOG!? (Loving my singlish right there)

Alas, this is my last week of work. It has been so bittersweet, and I would like to leave saying that I have been humbled by many things. I guess thats what the real world does to you – it either fluffs you up or it brings you down to earth. Today I suddenly remembered this verse:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. – Phil 2:3

So radically impossible and hard to do but it is required that we at least try. This actually doesn’t really apply that much to work as it does to just life and people in general :) Aha. I love my workplace & colleagues!


ANYHOW IN OTHER BREAKING NEWS, MY HOMIE ANDREW JARROD POON LEAVES SINGAPORE ON WEDNESDAY 11AM and tonight is our last night to hang out. I am so sad. And once again, feeling bittersweet about it all. RAWR.


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