Uncle Keem Meng is a beaver


So I opened my email inbox and received this email from my dad. At first I thought it was one of those christian articles/attachments that my parents send us from time to time.. until I realised that it wasn’t. THEN I STARTED LAUGHING. AHAHHAHAA. IT IS SO FUNNY.

For those of you who don’t understand, my dad wrote this short book called ‘Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins’ and one of the articles has been featured on the Singapore Christian Post. So my dad was kindly informing us that his article from his book is being featured later today. OKAY I GUESS ITS NOT REALLY THAT FUNNY TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC BUT I FIND IT HILARIOUS. I’m sure my brothers will concur.

Please imagine this man (i..e Uncle KEEM MENG as Tarnia wd have it pronounced) sitting at home typing this email and sending it to all his children:

I can already imagine the look on his face as he types it. And its not too far off from this look that Gid has coined and shall henceforth be known as The BEAVER look. (He posed for this photo, people. That changes everything.)


One Response to “Uncle Keem Meng is a beaver”

  1. TANIA Says:

    how about best photo of that dayyyy. too funnyyyy.

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