JUNE: So far


A little bit of the past month:

My first YACG and first time visiting the Teoh’s new place! <3

Dinner with TRACY & JIALING (aka FIRST ACJC/OG FRIENDS) and embarrassing ourselves all over again (more like every time) at the restaurant.

Dinner with the uniiiii people @ 15 minutes. I pretty much spent 15 minutes at 15 minutes. Okay maybe not. More like 45 mins? Anyway, I HAD SALAD IN A JAR!!! I win.

GERI’S BIRTHDAY DINNER!!!! WHERE I EMBARRASSED MYSELF AGAIN (zomg I see a recurring pattern) because I mistook the INFORMATION COUNTER for the restaurant. @.@ Geri grabbed my hand and we both RAN AWAY SCREAMING/LAUGHING.

TAKING PHOTOS IN CHURCH FOR TANIA’S SCHOOL PROJECT. I like this photo cos 1. my eyelashes are so longgg and there is no mascara :) I WIN AGAIN. And 2. NOW I KNOW HOW I LOOK LIKE WHEN I PRAY!! So gentle and demure. Maybe I should adopt this persona more often.

Youth Fellowship #2 – blogged about this before. Still a pretty epic day in my memory.


CHURCH CAMP 2010. Ye-aaah. Haven’t done a post on this yet. Anyway this was The Last Night. Stacey did not know what TAUPOK WAS. We thought it’d be clearer to demonstrate.

And the most recent.. Youth Bible Conference 2010 :) This is the CATFACE PHOTO!! Only Sze-ern & I are doing it. FAIL. A POST ON THIS IS DUE AS WELL. (+ Tania’s 10 million photos) A really special day in a strange way. I was reminded of my Little Faith. And I shared my LIFE story (knotreally just a small slice) with my group and hopefully that story made a difference. Cos I would’ve given anything to have someone share a personal story like that when I was their age. MANY MORE THINGS LEARNT AND REMINDED, BUT I WILL LEAVE THAT FOR THE YBC POST.

This was meant to be short snippets :) I like these short snippet posts.


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