Blogging rant


A short rant on blogging.

This is the danger of blogging. That the content of your blog is held against your identity. I am what I blog. It apparently reflects your priorities and state of mind, and people somehow don’t take into account that REAL, IMPORTANT THINGS are too private to be declared out in the open, especially when you know 012903123 are reading it. The irony. I tried to blog about things that wouldn’t get me into trouble – frivolous, two dimensional things. Yet these are exactly the things that apparently show ‘howshallowIamasaperson’. Apparently, if you want to just do a simple thing like express your likes and dislikes, muses and inspirations online, you cannot do it in parts. No, you are not allowed to present yourself in parts. You have to present yourself in whole. Even your private thoughts and feelings. Because strangely enough, people are simple-minded enough to make judgements on your personality solely by what you blog. This annoys me to No End. So much for internet being the platform for freedom of expression.

So many times I have contemplated shutting down my blog. I wanted to do it at 15, at 18, and then now at 22. And each time for the same reason. I hate that it can be used against me for all sorts of bizarre reasons. And why should I cause myself unnecessary hurt each time?


3 Responses to “Blogging rant”

  1. TANIA Says:

    “This annoys me to No End. So much for internet being the platform for freedom of expression.”

    hell yeaaaaaaay to the paragraaaaaphzxzxz

  2. daph Says:

    for one, your blog is really easy and entertaining to read. and i still get to know what’s happening and what you’re thinking about :D

  3. tubiiieee Says:


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