YF 2: A mini youth camp


I’m sure you’ve missed me! Well, good news – I have an UBERLONG PICTURE POST to make up for all the days I’ve been too tired from work (andpostworkactivities) to blog :)

The second Youth Fellowship (YF) of the year was held last Saturday, hosted by the WCG and executed by yours truly. By the grace of God, I can say it was one of the most successful youth events ever!

If there’s one thing I think its important, its that the youths of today need to know how to have good clean FUN. I know that many of our youths are growing up and thus have slipped into this ‘state’ of I AM SO TIRED OF LIFE-NESS. I fully reject the theory that growing old makes you somber and serious! My mission was to once again evoke those days of childhood madness.

The pictures speak for themselves.

The potluck lunch that lasted us DINNER AS WELL.

A time of worship, a short devo by Toshi.. and let the games begin.


Remember I said good clean fun? In GBC company we play I Never replacing alcohol with FAMILY FRIENDLY FRUIT LOOPS:

My favourite game, BODYPARTS:

Armpit to armpit.. okay I guess not so clean.

At this point of “ELBOW TO FOOT!”, Shawna and I kinda gave up on the ridiculous tasks.

Unplanned purple power! (with sparkly things)


Silent occupation!


Another favourite game – Scenes from a hat (modified):

What was this!? Something to do with TREES, probably.

This photo is amazing in So Many Ways. I am speechless. I believe this was Scenes from an Action Movie.

And this was just cos I had them under my control and could make them do whatever I wanted:

NICE. (and totally unnecessary).


Thinking back, it was almost like a mini youth-camp within that function room. From 11am-5pm, nonstop laughing caused a SORE THROAT for poor Harriet. HAHA. I was really encouraged by the positive feedback from other youth as well. I hope that everyone was reminded of what it feels like to be young and free again. I know I would have never been able to pull it off without God’s divine intervention. By the end of it, I swear my energy tank for the next five years have been depleted.

And CHURCH CAMP IS IN TWO DAYS (!!!!!) EXCITE TTM. Prepare for more epic moments in that chapter.

I leave you with this.


(If you couldn’t already tell, that is Edward.)


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