Stories from work



Today I discovered that more than half of my (small) office are Christian. Or at least, go to church. Upon the recent topic of City Harvest undergoing investigations of funds, one colleague (a self-professed anti-CH individual) got really flared up and said the following to another colleague who was from CH –

I ask you ah, when Jesus came to earth, he got cut album or not?”

I love that this sentence is in such authentic Singlish btw – it makes it so much more spontaneous and real. Following which, he continued “when Jesus heal people, he got charge consultation fee? When he turn water into wine, he got charge service charge?” I proceeded to laugh uncontrollably and could not stop for a good few minutes. (FYI just to clarify: I don’t think any church charges fees for consultations or services; I think he was just a little too caught up in the moment)


Every Monday morning we have an editorial meeting. I’m technically just there to sit in, cos my responsibilities are more marketing-based. The exchange of information is eye-opening and really intriguing. Before this job I have had no contact with any form of the business sector other than, uh, friends who study business in university. Pathetic as it sounds, I feel so fulfilled upon being privy to first-hand information about the business sector as they throw it around the table. Today the boss made a speaker phone conference call to another company’s ongoing business meeting and all of us sat in to listen. In my head I couldn’t help but go all fangirl – OOOH THIS IS LIKE IN THE MOVIES!! SO EXCITING. Needless to say I like feeling important.


I have lobang in the office for web design/websites  + techie work + Mac products and apps. ‘Nuff said.


I like it that I’m the only girl in the office floor I’m on. That means I can wear whatever crazy (or lazy) combination of things I want, and I know they won’t really care nor judge. I am wearing my fake specs today, and when I told them it was fake, they just gave me a bewildered look and then went back to do their work. I win.


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