Nothing left unsaid


One would think that I would have more time to blog when school’s OUT.

This is just me checking in to say that I HAVE LOST MY VOICE. Yes, I am sick (er) than before :( And I get no sympathy from my parents because I DESERVE IT FOR STAYING OUT LATE AND NOT RESTING AT HOME. Which is by all means true, and so I shall be left to suffer this terrible fate of not being able to TALK LOUDLY (IknowrightTRAGIC) or maybe even talk audibly for awhile. Gah.

Good news though, frozen grapes at home!! I will expound this frozen grape madness in another post about the latest BTree sleepover with the girls. Btw, SATC 2 was fab. Way better than the first one – and SJP removed that distracting mole on her chin hoorah. The only thing is that they are SO OLD its kinda scary to watch.. massive age gap right there. Its quite strange how everyone tries to relate themselves to the characters at that stage of their life. THEY ARE LIKE IN THEIR LATE 40S. I AM IN MY EARLY 20S. I don’t want to grow up so fast (so I said 5 years ago).

I leave you with this beautifully made short film by another favourite Youtube person Kurt Schneider.

So powerful! Nothing left unsaid.


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