SOC: Koi


Stream of consciousness (KOI VERSION): Go home or go get koi? 6PM LEAVE OFFICE NOW. Big strides, BIG strides. Koi, I’m coming for you! Is it even that nice? Probably not, but who cares! A SHORT QUEUE!!! (in mandarin) Milk tea with pearls half sugar small. Nvm that I am swimming in sweat and my jeans have officially cut off circulation due to the insane heat. So. WARM. MY KOI!!! I am grabbing it and racing away.. wait a min, I’m not sure that was even my order. WHO CARES!! Sipping Koi gleefully. Oh damn can’t drink in the MRT. Hide it in my purse. Contemplate breaking the law for just a sip. TOO WEAK AND SCARED. On the train now typing this thinking that I am either psychotic or a freak. THEY BOTH MEAN THE SAME THING. Thats just not cool. Bur srsly. Not like Koi is a cup of unicorn tears that will give me magic powers. I am such a victim of overhyped brainless trends. Go me. (I’m still thinking about the Koi tucked away in my purse).


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