Morning thoughts: Bob Marley


Morning thoughts on the bus that make me smile to myself.

Bob Marley comes on my playlist and the image of Shamil trying to educate me on reggae music suddenly floats into my head. Later that night, Frisco. Reggae club. LEGIT BIG SCARY BOUNCERS (not a stereotype anymore!). Italian Nic. Shamil’s signature dancing (man I really miss that guy). Sore feet. Police drag a guy out of the club for illegalstuff (not a stereotype now either). THE Jamaican dude.. I can’t remember his name now! Edward was it? Singing Brian Mcknight on the walk back to Berkeley. All of us piling into YJ and Allen’s room.

What a great night. All this will probably be triggered all over again everytime I hear Bob Marley.


One Response to “Morning thoughts: Bob Marley”

  1. geri Says:

    yes.. i totally love how music does that to you! transport you back to another world.. )although the world is like the past..

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