DIY Projects


My precious few hours at home after work have been spent doing this:

Cutting up old jeans. Studding.

Its still kinda at a weird length though. I should fold the cutoffs a bit higher or something. Work in progress.

HI B IF YOU ARE READING THIS DONT FREAK OUT! Um.. I kinda cut up the Zara shirt you left behind.

And braided bits of the sleeves.. and took apart that charm necklace..



Hmm.. strange how a long day at work triggers off my DIY spirit. I am literally grabbing anything unworn around the house and cutting it up. And yes, I had some failed projects. But practice makes perfect! I asked my dad for his old shirts from the States. Those are thrift-store worthy and would be perfect to make into oversized tanks! Pity he has no idea of where my mom stored them :( WELL, EXPECT ME TO BE TOSSING OPEN DRAWERS AND CLOSETS AND PILES OF CLOTHING.

DIY is so fun and therapeutic.

AND I found the Perfect scissors. Snip snip snip.


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