Exclusive dinner @ The BYT


So I’m sorry if you didn’t get the invite to attend the Exclusive tasting at the Banyan Tree dinner last week.

Don’t worry, Mat & I attended it on everyone’s behalf.

Yup, that’s us toasting to the (occasional) high life.



We had a 5 course dinner at a table set with candles, with Baileys for company.

Course #1: Tapas-style appetizer

Ham & 10239123 cheeses & herbs & a sprinkle of DELECTABLE set on bite-sized crackers and melted to perfection. I swear this was the best course even though it looked the simplest to make. ONE DAY I WILL TRY MAKING THIS AT HOME (!!)

Course #2: Liquid gastronomia

Mushroom soup and truffle oil for the extra mmmmyeah. The soup was made from SCRATCH UH HUH that is commitment and quality to the highest order right there.

Course #3: The Need for some Green

Our vegetable dose for the day! Raw baby spinach (MATILDA TAN I REMEMBER OKAY) and roasted chicken cubes with amazing salad dressing (how does one describe the taste of salad dressing? This is as far as my amateur food critic skills take me)

Course #4: Stuffings and surprises

Spicy angelhair pasta which revealed tender DUCK SLICES underneath (surprise!), prawn with idontknowwhatwasontopofit (MAT HELP ME OUT HERE) and boiled eggs stuffed with duck and egg yolk. (I’m actually making most of this up cos I was too busy eating this dish to ask what was actually in it)

Course #5: Asian pride

And last but not least, WAGYU BEEF WITH JAPANESE SOBA. We ended with a cold dish – how unconventional! And a great way to end as well, with our satisfied tummies filled delicately to the brim. Mmmmmm.

I would have you know that each course was actually brought in dish by dish, in small little plates and bowls IN TRAYS, and then cleared out course by course for the next one to come in. Banyan Tree provides excellent service indeed. (I’m starting to worry if the real Banyan Tree is going to sue me for using their name. Maybe I should relabel to Banyon Tree or something).

And now, our compliments to the chef.

Katherine (featured on the right) is a 22 year old student from SMU. She loves her dog, her family and HER AWESOME LIFE LIVING IN HER BANYANTREEHOME. In her free time, she enjoys the occasional water sport, shopping spree, and luxury drive around the island. She has been labeled an adrenaline junkie by her friends, and has most recently taken up culinary art as an interest.


And yes, that was my virgin attempt at food photography & journalism. I think I should just stick to blogging about frivolous things like thoughts and feelings and italicized emo lyrics. :(


One Response to “Exclusive dinner @ The BYT”

  1. geri Says:

    HAHAHAH. YES. Like I totally blog about frivolous things too. At least you use your own photos. I don’t even have original photos and have to resort to taking them off the same .com site!!!!

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