Bus 174


This morning I have a thread of running thoughts as I ride the bus. And because I don’t want to flood Twitter with them, I am typing this on my way to work. Pardon the random inconherentness.

Listening: Won’t Even Start – David Choi (I really need to do a post on these YouTube people, my life has changed since I’ve subscribed to some awesome channels)

Question 1:

I put this on Twitter but I might as well bring it up again. Are the buses during rush hour packed with people and impossible to get a seat? Cos that was my impression when I was getting ready to board the bus. So I don’t know if it just Bkt Timah, but the bus is always like. Fairly un-full. I always manage to secure a seat the minute I board.

Does this confirm the age-old (not really) myth that most Bukit Timah residents are RICH $$$$? And thus don’t need to take public transport cos they drive to work in big swanky cars that line up in rows during the rush hour jam? Hmm :( I always got indignant when I tell people I live in Bkt Timah and their first reaction is: WAH! BKT TIMAH! (this started happening alot in Uni. And now at work) I guess it would be my equivalent reaction to someone who lives at Sixth Ave or Holland? I always had to quickly compensate by saying UH I STAY IN A HDB!! (to which they counter with: STILL! BUKIT TIMAH!) And I am like -.-Srsly?

There was even once in the HR module I took (fav class of last sem!) where we were kinda debating about meritocracy and the rich/poor divide in Sg. And this dude was all like ‘You see all those rich people, drive big car and live in Bkt Timah!’ And I was like NOWWAITAMINUTEMISTER.. I would like to dispute that. INYOFACE. Ok it didn’t go down exactly like that, but I did voice my displeasure.

So this entry was just meant to highlight the question but has turned into a full fledged ESSAY. I had other questions I wanted to post, but you’re scrolling downward on your google reader already now aren’t you? I know you chronic scrollers..

I am going to stop babbling and save my other questions for next time. Bus rides induce thought bubbles of wonderment. I’m sure I’m not the first person to realize that.


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