I love my work environment. It is sandwiched between quaint Ann Siang and bustling Chinatown, hidden among the fancy shmancy shophouses decked out row by row along the road. Pretty cafes, boutiques and high-end restaurants are next door. It is quite the inspiring walk en route to the little white door of the office. One of the best parts is that some of the Best local fare can be found in hawker centers a stone’s throw away, alongside all these Atas angmoh joints (I stereotype indeed). The urban planner must have had in mind the plight of the poor and hungry office worker at lunchtime.


I LOVE THE NEW WORDPRESS THEME! Ima gna edit it either tonight or later this weekend when I have time. Its time for a little revamping. But I love it as it is right now already, with the image bordering and bold title fonts and such. Love. Yea don’t know if you’ve observed – I might be a mess in real life with my room falling apart, but when it comes to my blog layout, I’m kinda perfectionist about it. HA THE IRONY.


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