Yaps & USS


The day that the Yap family (-1) visited Universal Studios Singapore.


LOOK AT US ALL EXCITED. (Okay a lie because this photo was taken at the end of the day and we were kinda wasted by then).

We arrive and are extremely EXCITED BECAUSE WE LOVE THEME PARKS <33

Kicking it with Betty Boop & Charlie Chaplin.. and prancing through the amazing architecture.

I LOVE THE EGYPTIAN WORLD. Coupled with the insane heat = perfect desert experience. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the amazing sculptures! AND REVENGEOFTHEMUMMY ride = thumbsup yall.

Egyptian man on stilts – there was another one who was HOTTER but he ran away :(

Parents with backdrop of USS + Gid trying out the Battlestar seats + CHOCOLATE CHURROS!?

THE LOST WORLD AND THE MADAGASCAR PLACE (I don’t think I’m using the right terms here)

Sadly we didn’t get much of The Lost World esp since the water ride got shut down when THUNDER started rumbling :(( Madagascar was alright. Check out our cover of the Beatles cover. HA!

FAR FAR AWAY! An awesome place. I love the castle (but doesn’t beat Cinderella’s castle in Disneyworld tho). Had lunch at FRIAR’S place and I kissed a frog but nothing happened. Failsauce.

Gid tries to steal strollers and tries to break into the candy hut. Nice try.

WATERWORLD performance! Filled with AMs. I’d like to see some Asians up there doing those flips and kicks please. We’ve got Jackie Chan, Jet Li and friggin Donny Yen so don’t tell me we are inferior in any way. While they’re at it, they can incorporate some KUNGFU-fighting *insertmusic*!

Checking out the merchandise in Shrek store. Weird ferris wheel of doom with children trapped inside + spoof of the disney pricesses! Tsktsk.. NOT COOL. Don’t mess with my disney princesses! And thats why I’m not pleased in the next photo. Mom checks out VERSARCHERY (HAHA I love the spoofs. Far far away is full of them).

Speaking of spoofs.. here are a few more to tickle your bone.

Caleb insists that I take photos so he can reminisce his East-side golden days. (I SAY WEST SIDE FTW).

The B-boy performance! Which was pretty awesome. Except when they got volunteers up…. then it got pretty awkward. Ask any of us for the story. Girls at such a young age should Not be krumping like that….

And onward to the end. CHECK IT OUT – Caleb hangs with a colourful bunch of ethnic ladies. Loves it. Plus perusing the hershey’s store for insane amounts of chocolate. Loves it too. AND LASTLY, VICTORIA’S SECRET. LOVES IT MORE.

A happy family photo for a HAPPY DAY! WE LOVE THEME PARKS!


Coming up: USS #2 and #3 = Starring yours truly & Giddy Yap.


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