Do you know what is one of my absolute FAVOURITE FOODS that makes me the happiest person in the world every time I bite into it?


There are no words for my love of this wonderful baked drug. I don’t even remember how my sekret love for it began! All I know is that everytime I bite into a chocolate croissant, I FEEL JOY.

{I just had one from Swissbakery and it was AWESM – this explains the sudden rant}

Well the problem was that when I was in Berkeley, they sold this at the Ihouse cafe. WHICH WAS LIKE A 5 MINUTE WALK FROM MY ROOM. So it turned into a pretty unhealthy ritual of “one chocolate croissant please” AND (this is all Shamil’s fault I blame Shamil) “and one cup of hot milk”.

AHA, see the thing is I DON’T DRINK MILK. Or pure milk, at least. I kinda hate it. BUT WHAT MISTER SHAMIL taught me was to put HONEY in the milk. And my oh my did it make all the world of a difference.

What made things worse was that I have a sweet tooth. So honey in milk means honey in milk. To the extent that you can only taste the sweetness and pretty much no milk. HAHAHA. Can you imagine what an unhealthy combination that was!? (but ohsoAMAYZING) Chocolate croissants and milk with copious amounts of honey every other day. Yeah, not to mention I stopped going to the gym after Spring Break. YJ begged and pleaded with me to go with him on his insane twice-a-day gym ritual – NO SIRREE. Find me later – I’ll be curled up here by the Great Hall fire…


One night I tried to reform. I told YJ: When you see me at the cafe, you have to STOP me from buying chocolate croissants and whatnot!

A few days later we were at the cafe counter, I pointed and turned to YJ – “should I get the chocolate croissant? Or should I just skip it and go for class straight?”

YJ: You like it right. Then just get it lah (LAH SOMEMORE).


Yeah, in the end I bought it. And regretted almost immediately after.

Boyfriends are BAD cos they encourage you to be happy (read: EAT. burritos, bubbletea, donuts, and the like at 2am in the morning). Happy isn’t necessarily healthy. YJ’s defence? You can eat as much as you like, but you have to exercise after! That’s why I keep asking you to go to the gym with me!

The annoying part is that he is right :(


4 Responses to “I LOVE YOU C.C.”

  1. Mat Says:

    Croissants are like, butter-soaked tissue paper.
    eeeeeewwww deboraaaaaah
    but ok la, can’t see any hanging off you :)

  2. daph Says:

    pure milk is awesome i drink at least a mug of it every day. there’re 6 cartons of it in the fridge now for the family haha

  3. geri Says:

    HAHAHA chris tells me the exact same thing. About eating anything as long as I exercise. Sulk.

  4. cuzzie Says:

    omg debs dyu remember when we were kids and drove up to some resort in msia where we STUFFED OUR FACE FULL OF THESE EVERY MORNING AT THE BUFFET????

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