EM: Home Edition


So I kinda spent part of yesterday watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition episodes.. of which every one I bawled my eyes out resulting in my puffy eyes later on in the night. BUT ITS LIKE THE BEST SHOW EVER PLZ.

One of the great episodes I watched was on this family featured below:

There are 15 of them in total, these parents have 13 children – 9 of them are adopted and 4 of their own (note: their children are hot like their dad HAHA K SIDEPOINT). SO ANYWAY the whole episode was about ADOPTION and how its important that every kid is in a safe home and the value of every kid (they adopted 2 with special needs).

ESSENTIALLY THESE PEOPLE ARE WALKING TALKING SAINTS. One of those people that you really cannot believe exist in the real (evil) world.

And all 15 of them stay IN THAT TRAILER (behind them in the photo) cos a hurricane came and hit their house. So THE BEST SHOW EVER that is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition swooped in and built them this baby in 7 days:

FRICKIN GIANT MANSION WITH AN ELEVATOR TO BOOT. YES, AN ELEVATOR. (it was to provide for the special needs children so cute right)

Oh yeah, and they had Jessica Alba brought in to help with the construction process. She donated SOLAR PANELS and probably starstruck every single volunteer there.

Not just that, they sent them to WALT DISNEY WORLD while they were building their house, and THREW THEM A SECOND WEDDING so that the parents could renew their vows (cos apparently they got married real young and nv had a proper wedding) – CAN U IMAGINE WHAT THIS REDUCED ME TO.


This was where I discovered that there is actually a company called DISNEY’S FAIRY TALE WEDDINGS AND HONEYMOONS. And OH YES, it is exactly what it sounds like. ITS A COMPANY THAT PLANS YOUR DREAM DISNEY WEDDING. White horses and a pumpkin-shaped carriage? Check. Cinderella + Prince Charming figurines on the wedding cake? Check. I think they’d bust out singing and dancing cutlery if you really wanted to.


x I’m so inspired to adopt (bear in mind this is 22 year old me speaking. By the time I get married who knows if I’ll still remember this. I’d like to think I would though.)

x IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE A DISNEY WEDDING!!!!!!!! (I am so delusional)


One Response to “EM: Home Edition”

  1. daph Says:

    woww..i used to be prejudiced against adopting and big families. God bless them greatly for their beautiful love for children! jenna ushkowitz is adopted from south korea, look at how awesome she’s become :D

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