After going through this tumblr, I was suddenly FILLED WITH NOSTALGIA FOR MY FAVOURITE TV SERIES IN THE WORLD, THE OC. I am pretty confident when I say that no other TV series has managed to impact me the way The OC has. It could be because when it came out, I was right smack in my TEENS, yo. I had a young impressionable mind.

Anyhow, I decided that I HAVE TO WATCH SEASON 4 (I stopped after Season 3 because I got so depressed about Marissa’s death so I went on a boycott) to complete my loyalty to the series. AND I have to watch all the seasons again. In fact, I want the entire collection on my (imaginary) shelf. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT TO GET ME FOR CHRISTMAS.

Reasons why The OC is the best show ever here. AND YES, it was because of this show that you now have all your Gossip Girl/ The Hills/90210 and whatnot. This is the original shizz. I remember everyone used to think it was SO trashy, but all these people never sat down and gave it a chance. THE OC IS THE BOMB. AND I WOULD HAVE YOU KNOW THAT shows now are x102913232 trashier.

I’m glad that this is what I grew up with. And I quote a best friend,

Everything in life can be illustrated with The OC.


One Response to “I MISS YOU, OC”

  1. daryl Says:

    eh actually 90210 the ORIGINAL series came before the OC. so i don’t think that counts =P anyway 90210 sucks now. the new one.

    but yah OC > than GG

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