via ilovetheoc

This is one of my favourite moments of the OC. At this point, Marissa was probably emo-ing cos she thought Ryan was in love with some other girl. And so she came and sat by the pier.  Seth found her, and they both sat in silence.

Yeah, thats pretty much what I want to do right now. Some peace and quiet so that I can recover my sanity. I can’t even think coherently because my head hurts from being Exasperated. It feels like my head hit some kinda ceiling and it got stuck there so it keeps hitting against the ceiling and now it HELLAHURTS. Maybe this explains why I like to hide away in my room so much. Because once I step out, I’m exposed to all sorts of vulnerabilities. I’d very much be alone where no one can touch me or my sanity. YEAH IM WEAK LIKE THAT.

INSANITY. Because no one wants to treat me like a grown-up. Maybe its my fault too for wanting to grow up too fast? Ok I don’t really care now because I can’t think beyond the fact that my head HURTS.


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