Its Rafi’s birthday today! I just thought I’d pay some tribute to my favourite German of all time, and probably one of the most unforgettable people I met in Ihouse. I can’t help but LOL when I think about the memories with Rafi.. from how he wandered into our lives till the moment he left.

{Found this video lying around.. and it is one of my FAVOURITES because it reminds me of the good ol times. These are the times I miss the most, and yet are the times that often go unnoticed, unphotographed and uncaptured. Just chilling till the AM :)}

More ridiculous Rafi videos can be found here, here and here.


For some reason, Rafi was ALWAYS there.

He was there for my 21st birthday.

He was there to send us off on Spring Break.

He was there to drive us to Safeway in the middle of the night (for no good reason at all).

He was there during our Sunday Suppers (and he brought along his textbook to study cos he knew it would get boring!)

He was there for our last dance.

He was there for our last night in Berkeley.

And all the little moments in between. It seemed like from the moment he wandered into our room looking for instant noodles (which was the first time we met him btw) he would forever be wandering in and out of our lives. From Green Day and Rachael Yamagata concerts, to late night drive outs, to moreoftenthatnot making a mess on Jackie’s bed, to Great Hall conversations, to almost-setting-Ihouse-on-fire popcorn making, to Shattuck movie nights, to WHAT-SHOULD-I-REPLY-THE-NORWEGIAN magic8ball moments.

These are the moments that are once in a lifetime. I love this photo.

Before he took the photo, Rafi made the blood rush to his head “so that you won’t look so red in the photo!” HAHAHAHAHA AW.

I LOVE YOU RAFI, and happy birthday! xo


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